Choose from 18+ Premium features. One-Click plug & play setup, no coding required.

Add-to-cart animation

Add an animation to the add-to-cart button.

Chat box

Display a chat box that links to your messaging platform.

Collection add-to-cart

Display a variant selector and add-to-cart button under each product grid item.

Cookie box

Display a cookie box to make your website GDPR compliant.

Delivery time

Display an approximate date of delivery.

Discount Saved

Show the discount amount on the product page for on sale variants.

F.A.Q page

Display a new F.A.Q page on your store.

Instagram feed

Display your Instagram feed above your store footer.

Live view

Display the number of people viewing your product page..

Mega menu

Create advanced menu layout with columned navigation, products, images and more.

Newsletter pop-up

Display a newsletter popup on exit intent and reward customers with a coupon code.

Product tabs

Display organised tabs on your product page.

Product video

Add videos to your product images.

Sales pop

Display a notification of past purchases..

Shop protect

Protect your store's content and prevent copycats.

Sticky add-to-cart

Display a sticky add-to-cart bar when scrolling passed the add-to-cart button.

Trust badge

Display a trust badge under the add-to-cart and checkout buttons..

Upsell pop-up

Display an upsell popup that trigger when adding a product to cart.

And more!

New add-ons are popping every week in Debutify. Stay tunned!