How to Grow Your Shopify E-commerce Store in 2020

Shopify is undoubtedly one of the top players in e-commerce today. With more than one million merchants on the platform, Shopify made $1.578 billion total revenue in 2019, a 47 percent increase over 2018. This is expected to rise to the range of $2.130 billion to $2.160 billion by the end of 2020. The platform is sophisticated enough to satisfy the needs of experienced retailers and at the same time simple enough for e-commerce beginners to use for quickly launching their online business idea. However, creating the Shopify store is the easy part. Thanks to the low barrier to entry,...Continue reading »


Dropshipping 2020: How to Find Amazing Products That Sell

As a business model that allows entrepreneurs to find and sell products without ever having to worry about carrying any inventory, dropshipping is one of the most lucrative and easiest ways to enter ecommerce. Unlike the traditional ecommerce model which requires one to source the products they sell in bulk, and then spend even more on storing them until a customer places an order, with a dropshipping store you only ever order products from your suppliers after you have actually secured an order from a customer. Although the affordable startup costs of a dropshipping business mean that the barriers to...Continue reading »


Shopify Instagram Marketing 2020: Tips For Increasing Your Sales

Do you want to increase the online sales of your Shopify store? You no longer know which avenue to explore? Social media is a real gold mine, but you have to know which one to use! "Marketers" abound on Facebook, and it is more difficult than ever to stand out. Meanwhile, more and more online stores are turning to Instagram to sell their products, and this social media is not yet saturated. It's your chance to try Instagram marketing for Shopify. Instagram and E-commerce Statistics What could be better than a few "stats" to convince anyone? Here's why Instagram should...Continue reading »