Follow The Pack: How To Effectively Use Social Proof To Boost Sales In Your Shopify Store

Through the course of a day, humans make several decisions regarding a whole host of issues. However, many of them aren’t aware that they don’t make the majority of those decisions themselves. Someone else is controlling your decision-making process. How? There’s this phenomenon known as social proof. The term ‘herd mentality’ might be more familiar. Generally, what this means is that you make most decisions based on what other people are doing. This is mainly because, on an innate level, we all want to be part of the group. No one wants to stand out. For long, marketers have taken...Continue reading »

Shopify Social Media Marketing

How to Successfully Use Influencer Marketing for Your Shopify store

Influencer marketing is a business strategy of using popular people or leaders to drive your product or brand to their audiences. They act as a trusted intermediary between the company and the target audience to increase the probability of sales conversion. The advantages of influencer marketing compared to using advertisements (ads) are quite compelling for any company looking to expand their brand awareness and lead conversion ratios. No revenue lost to ad blocking Many content consumers on the internet prefer to have uninterrupted experiences as they surf the internet. This includes choosing what they see and hear at any given...Continue reading »