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Ricky Hayes

Dear fellow dropshipper...

The reason why 99% of new dropshippers fail isn’t lack of skill. It’s not a small budget. Heck, it’s not even a bad theme.

I’ve seen countless guys like you repeat this same, stupid goddamn mistake… it’s starting to make me angry.

I’ll tell you why...

Imagine a typical dropshipping store. This is how it works:

First, you run ads on Facebook/Google to get traffic to your store. Pay for each person that clicks your ad.

Second, a small portion of the traffic buys your product.

Third, you use retargeting to try and sell your product to the rest of the “clickers” - those who didn’t buy.

Finally, you draw the bottom line. You add up all the sales, and subtract your spendings (marketing, product, shipping, etc.). What’s left is pure profit.

Simple? Yes, in theory. Profitable? Only for some.

But why is that? Do you see where dropshipping fails?

I’ll tell you why. There’s no step number four.

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Dropshipping profits

The Big Problem Eating Your Dropshipping Profits

The big problem with dropshipping is low markups. (The ratio between profit and revenue.) If 40% of all your revenue is profit... consider yourself king. For most people, it isn’t.

Most folks struggle to get 20% profit per sale, let alone forty…

And this would be okay - if there were a step four.

With a step four, you could have a markup close to zero. Yet you’d still cash in fat checks. You could live the ultimate lifestyle, and run a successful dropshipping business.

Step four is what separates the big brands from small, one-hit-wonder stores. Step four is having a brand.

You see, with a typical dropshipping store, customers buy from you once. And they never hear from you again.

But, with a dropshipping brand, customers rave about you. They buy from you time and time again. With such a brand, you’re literally just one click away from cashing in your paycheck.

And you don’t need to worry about marketing costs...

You don’t need to worry about chargebacks and refunds...

You don’t even need to worry if they’ll like your product. You simply know they will.

This is because brand customers already know your store and trust you. They know you because they bought from you before. They trust you because they love your product.

Simply put, they’re loyal to your store. Loyal to your brand. And you can use this to sell new products with mind-blowing profit markups.

Sell New Products With Mind-Blowing Revenue

This money-making mechanism is very simple. The first 3 steps work like a typical dropshipping store, and the fourth adds the icing on the cake:

1. Step one: get customers to your store through Facebook, Google, etc.

2. Step two: sell your first product.

3. Step three: retarget the ones who didn’t buy.

4. Step four: create a new product, and sell it to your brand customers (previous customers).

And here’s the beauty of it...

You won’t need to waste time or money testing new audiences...

It’s much, much easier to find new products your customers will love...

You can create high-converting product pages in minutes

And you don’t have to waste hundreds of dollars on ads.

All this by adding in a simple and easy step number four.

Now, since you’re just starting out… you’re probably wondering how to do this crucial step number four.

Well, I’ve never had anyone teach me. It was trial & error, until I figured it out. That’s why I created this FREE webinar, so you can learn it quickly and easily, and without breaking your back.

In the free webinar, I reveal the 3 fundamental secrets behind building a fully-fledged dropshipping brand, that can support the lifestyle you desire for years.

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The 3 Fundamental Secrets Behind a $2.67M/month Dropshipping Brand

This bit of knowledge could change your life. It was the key to my own success. Thanks to these 3 secrets, I’ve built my financial wealth in just a few short months. Such financial wealth that I could never imagine working a 9-to-5 job.

And not only that - this free webinar will teach you how to build a steady stream of income with zero work. A successful dropshipping brand - not just a store - that makes you money on autopilot.

Here are just a few things you’ll learn if you decide to attend:

Secret #1: the simple product research method that leaves you with vetted $1M products each time, every time;

Secret #2: a copy-paste approach to Facebook ads that’ll drive scores of purchase-hungry shoppers to your store (even if you have no Facebook ads experience at all);

Secret #3: a little-known method I discovered for building Shopify stores in 50 minutes, for any product, any niche, with almost guaranteed high conversion rates.

For just these 3 secrets you should be signing up immediately. But... that’s not everything I’ll give you during the webinar.

You’ll also get an exclusive cheat sheet with winning dropshipping products. All products are carefully picked by myself, and every single one of them can get you over 7 figures in profit. Boy, I wish you could see them right away...

You’ll get their Aliexpress link, images, Facebook audiences... Everything, tailored for success. Just copy-paste them and start selling.

Oh, and - did I mention that all my students are applying this exact approach that I’m gonna teach you? And they’re absolutely crushing it...

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All of this (and more) comes from the approach I’m about to show you. And it’s completely free for you to attend. You’re going to learn such secrets that could transform your dropshipping business this night...

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Ricky Hayes

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