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22 Mar 2021

Debutify 3.0: The Best Theme Just Got Better!

Debutify 3.0: The Best Theme Just Got Better!

Hey there, Ecomm Brand Owner.

You’ve probably been working extra hard to scale your eCommerce business over the past few months…

Maybe there were some sleepless nights, bottles of scotch, and some crazy self-talk involved along the way.

And yet, after all, everything you’ve been through…


We admire that about you. Your entrepreneurial spirit is very much alive and kicking. Your burning desire to reach “the goal” amidst all the challenges deserves recognition.

That’s why our team worked double-time to give you the best and most cutting-edge “scaling partner” to be on your side, ready to blast through any “curveballs” this entrepreneurial rollercoaster may throw at you.

And this time, it comes with an even BIGGER punch… 

Debutify 3.0 Product Page


Introducing: Debutify 3.0

We’ve rolled out 15 new add-ons and updated 7 current ones, just to keep your store in tippy-top shape for maximum conversions. 

And I’m here to give you a quick rundown of what some of these are… plus how they can positively impact your current stores.

Here we go…


Here’s What’s New On Debutify 3.0

New Update #1 - Automatic Geolocation

Adds the ability to set default language and currency based on customer location.

With this add-on enabled, when a user lands on your store for the first time, Debutify will automatically determine their language and currency based on their location.

And when customers can understand your store’s language and are familiar with the currency, they can make FASTER buying decisions (than having to go through the hassle of translations and currency converters)

Less friction… more sales, right?


New Update #2 - Age Check

Verifies the age of website visitors before they can access your content and products.

Now this one is simple. 

When you’re selling something very “niche” and there are age restrictions on who can (or can not) buy it, this will be a handy little add-on to protect you from unnecessary...hiccups.


New Update #3 - Cart Upsell

Show similar products inside the cart to boost AOV

This add-on leverages on one of the best places you can “upsell” a customer: when they’ve already decided to buy.

Just like when you buy that cheeseburger and you get asked if you like fries and Coke to come with it.

Or like those magazines, candies, and packs of Energizer batteries, they usually put in checkout counters so customers can easily grab and add that to their carts.

Those purchases may look little, but it adds a huge boost to overall sales.


New Update #4 - Facebook Messenger

Add a Facebook Messenger chat widget to your store.

Now this one is neat.

It rides on our familiarity with using Facebook Messenger.

Since it looks the same and it feels the same (because it actually IS Facebook Messenger), customers will be more likely to reach out and engage with you.

And when customers engage in chats, there’s a higher likelihood of them buying from you.


New Update #5 - Instagram Feed

Display the latest images of your Instagram page.

Most of us know Instagram is one of the best social platforms to market eCommerce products.

This add-on would allow you to automatically update your store with the latest images you post on Instagram… so you won’t have to upload the same image over to your store. 

Two birds with one stone (or should I say… one tap?)

Aaaaanddd that’s it for the quick rundown of a few updates we did for you. 

How do I install Debutify 3.0?

Here are simple steps to update your online store with the newest version of Debutify theme.

STEP 1: From your Shopify admin, select Apps.

STEP 2: Tap Debutify.

STEP 3: Click on Theme Library.

STEP 4: Tap Add Debutify to add the selected version to your theme library.

STEP 5: Tick the corresponding current settings option you prefer and click on Add to theme library button to store Debutify 3.0 into your theme library

Start Installing Debutify 3.0

Finish Debutify 3.0 Installation

What happens if I install Debutify 3.0?

Here’s the short answer:

When you install Debutify 3.0, you can instantly get all the latest updates, patches, and sales-boosting add-ons straight to your store.

With the previous version, you had to install the theme and THEN install the add-ons of your choice.

But with Debutify 3.0, you just need to install the theme and you’ll automatically get every add-on we have on the roster.

Will my settings remain the same?

If you want to copy the same theme settings or custom code from a previous Debutify theme version, all you have to do is click a check box and press a button. 

We have a short guide with screenshots on how to do exactly that (read the full how-to guide here.)

Plus, we also moved all