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Currency converter

Currency converter.

  • Automatic country detection
  • Multiple placement option
  • Multi-currency checkout with Shopify Payments
  • Loading icon while changing currency
Product sliders

Product sliders.

  • Number of products to show
  • Mobile & desktop swipe
  • Autoplay slider and change speed
  • Arrow/dots visibility
Customizable slideshow

Customizable slideshow.

  • Slideshow mobile/desktop height
  • Fade-in animation
  • Customizable slider options
Customizable header

Customizable header.

  • Navigation left/right/center/hidden
  • Transparent header
  • Sticky header
  • Transparent logo over slideshow
Customizable footer

Customizable footer.

  • Menus/text/image/social medias/newsletter
  • Custom column order
  • Payment icons
  • Email & phone links
Guarantee bar

Guarantee bar.

  • Choose between 1000+ icons
  • Add icons, title, text and links
  • Change columns order
Product images

Product images.

  • Featured image slider
  • Synced thumbnail slider
  • Thumbnail/stacked layout
  • Left/right alignement
  • Zoom on hover
Product details

Product details.

  • Sticky when scrolling
  • Dropdown/button variants
  • Full-width add-to-cart button
  • Add-to-cart button icon
  • Dynamic checkout button
  • Product tags list
  • Left/center alignement
Related products

Related products.

  • Grid/slider sliders
  • Advanced product filters
  • Dynamic recommendations
  • Customizable slider options
Product testimonials

Product testimonials.

  • Testimonial slider under product page
  • Quote icon or images
  • Customizable slider options

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