Frequently asked questions

We know you have some questions in mind, we've tried to list the most important ones!

Because it was about time someone created a more than "decent" free Shopify theme! There are more than 1 000 000+ Shopify stores, and only 10 basic free themes offered by Shopify, that's nonsense. Debutify theme will forever be free and awesome!
Debutify is much more than a traditional shopify theme. On our app, you will be able to automatically download our free theme in one-click and have access to powerful integrated features.
We only access the "manage store permission" to be able to download Debutify theme and add-ons to your store. We do not have access to any of your customer's data.
Add-on are simple yet powerful features that can be added to your store in Debutify App. They are completely integrated into your Debutify theme: Doesn't affect page load speed (like a typical Shopify App) and automatically matches your theme style and settings.
Yes! If you don't like an add-on, you can uninstall it and pick another one.
No! Unlike Shopify apps, our add-ons have almost no impact on page load speed.
Yes! You can upgrade or downgrade plan at any time in Debutify App.
Yes! We are constantly improving and updating our theme and add-ons based on your feedback!