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15 May 2023

Debutify Theme Just Got Better: 5.0 Is Here!

Debutify Theme Just Got Better: 5.0 Is Here!

Attention all eCommerce store brand owners!

If you want to take your online business to the next level, you won't want to miss the latest update from Debutify.

As one of the most popular themes, Debutify is a go-to choice for ecommerce entrepreneurs looking to create a sleek, user-friendly storefront. And now, with the release of Debutify 5.0, the theme just got even better!

Get ready to rock your customers' shopping experience with new features like an announcement bar, breadcrumbs, a cart bubble, and more.

In this article, we'll dive into what's new with Debutify 5.0 and how it can help you take your online store to the next level.

So, buckle up and get ready for an ecommerce adventure!

What's new in Debutify 5.0?

Debutify 5.0 has arrived, packed with new features to help you take your Shopify store to the next level.

The latest update includes a range of new add-ons designed to improve the user experience, boost sales, and make it easier than ever to customize your storefront.

Here's a closer look at what's new in Debutify 5.0:

Announcement bar (free)

Debutify has turned an existing feature into an add-on, making it easier for users to customize their store's announcement bar.

This is a great way to highlight promotions, sales, or important information like shipping or return policies.

Breadcrumbs (free)

Another existing feature that has been turned into an add-on, breadcrumbs, is a navigational tool that helps users understand where they are on your site.

This feature can improve user experience and make it easier for shoppers to find what they want.

Cart bubble (free)

The new cart bubble add-on displays the number of items in a user's cart as a small bubble in the corner of the screen.

This is a subtle but effective way to encourage users to complete their purchases and can lead to increased sales.

Back to top (standard)

This add-on creates a small button at the bottom of the screen, allowing users to jump back to the top of the page quickly.

This can be especially useful on long product pages or blog posts.

Cart notification (standard)

The cart notification add-on displays a small notification when users add an item to their cart.

This can help reinforce the user's decision to make a purchase and provide a subtle reminder to complete the checkout process.

Show the second image on hover (standard)

This add-on allows you to display a second product image when a user hovers their mouse over the main product image.

This is a great way to showcase multiple angles or details of your products.

Remove Debutify branding (premium)

This premium add-on allows users to remove the Debutify branding from their store's footer.

This is an excellent option for businesses that want to create a more customized look and feel for their storefront.

Sticky header (premium)

The new sticky header add-on allows users to keep their store's header visible at all times, even when scrolling down the page. This can improve navigation and make it easier for users to find what they want on your site.

In summary, Debutify 5.0 has introduced a range of new add-ons to help you improve your Shopify store's functionality and user experience.

Whether you're looking to boost sales, improve navigation, or create a more customized look and feel, there's something here for everyone.

What changed and what has been fixed in Debutify 5.0?

Debutify 5.0 added new features and made significant changes and fixes to improve the overall user experience.

Here are some notable updates:

New add-on groups

Debutify has restructured the add-ons to make it easier for users to find and select the right features for their store. The new structure groups add-ons into three categories: Free, Standard, and Premium.

Premium add-ons now have stars

To clarify which Debuitfy add-ons are premium, we have removed the lightning icons from all add-ons and added stars next to the premium add-ons only.

This change helps users understand which features require an upgrade to the premium plan.

Renamed starter plan

Debutify has renamed the Starter Plan to the Growth Plan. This is a small but significant change that more accurately reflects the benefits and potential of the plan.

Updated text for trial over popup

The text for the Trial Over Popup has been updated to mention the new Standard and Premium add-ons. This change helps users understand what features are available and what they'll need to upgrade to access additional features.

Fixed required to checkout add-ons

Debutify has fixed an issue with the Required to Checkout add-ons, which include Agree to Terms, Delivery Date, and Order Feedback. Previously, these add-ons continued working even if they could not be used due to the user's plan.

With the fix, users can select and use these features based on their plan.

In summary, Debutify 5.0 introduced new features and made significant changes and fixes to improve the user experience. The new add-on structure, premium add-on stars, and fixed checkout add-ons all contribute to a smoother and more efficient user experience.

How to upgrade to Debutify 5.0?

Upgrading to Debutify 5.0 is a simple process that can be completed in a few easy steps.

Here's how to upgrade:

Step 1: Log in to your Shopify account and go to the Themes page.

Step 2: Find the Debutify theme and click on Actions > Edit code.

Step 3: Click " Theme Settings " in the left-hand navigation."

Step 4: Scroll down to the "Version" section and click on "Check for updates."

Step 5: Click on "Update theme" if the latest version of Debutify is available.

Before making the update live, it's essential to test your store's new design and layout to ensure everything looks and functions as intended.

Here are some tips for testing:

  1. Create a duplicate theme: Before making any changes to your live site, create a duplicate theme to test the new version of Debutify. This way, you can try the new theme without affecting your live site.
  2. Test all pages: Go through all website pages, including the home, product, and checkout pages. Ensure that everything is working correctly and that the design looks good.
  3. Test on different devices: Test the new version of Debutify on other devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Make sure that everything looks and functions correctly on all devices.
  4. Ask for feedback: Ask friends, family, or colleagues to test your new site and provide feedback. They may spot something that you missed or provide helpful suggestions.

By following these steps and testing your site thoroughly, you can upgrade to Debutify 5.0 with confidence, knowing that your site will look and function better than ever before.

Upgrade to Debuitfy 5.0 today!

Take your Shopify store to the next level.

From the new announcement bar and back-to-top button to the show second image on hover and removing Debutify branding premium add-ons, there's something for every ecommerce store.

With a new structure of add-ons and the ability to choose between free, standard, and premium add-ons, you can customize your store's design and functionality to match your unique needs and budget.

So don't wait any longer!

Upgrade to Debutify 5.0 today and take advantage of all the new features and improvements to enhance your customer experience and boost your sales.

And don't forget to share this article with your friends and colleagues in the ecommerce space to help spread the word about the latest and greatest from Debutify.

Download Debutify theme today!

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