How To Avoid Negative Social Proof On Your Dropshipping Store

Avoid Negative Social Proof
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As human beings, we’re always following the opinions of others. We tend to trust what others say and have the desire to emulate the positive experiences we see others having.

As a dropshipping store, displaying social proof is a great way to

1. Build trust with your customers

2. Improve your conversion rate

3. Increase the number and value of the orders placed on your dropshipping store

Customer Review

Social proof can be a pretty powerful way to drive sales, but only if you use it properly.

The complete opposite of social proof is negative social proof.

Getting negative social proof on your website can have adverse effects on your eCommerce sales. For you to succeed in dropshipping, you'll need to avoid negative social proof at all costs.

Today, we will discuss what negative social proof is and the best way to avoid it.

Read on until the end!

How Does Social Proof Work For Your Dropshipping Store?

Dropshipping stores use social proof to make their eCommerce store more trustworthy and encourage customers to buy their products.

Social proof is everywhere and can appear in the form of

  • Reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Endorsements
  • Shopper counters
  • and more

People usually trust this kind of feedback because they know that it was posted by genuine people who simply want to share their experience!

Things like reviews are aimed to share individual experiences, give advice, or warn about any possible issues that may arise with a product.

Usually, business owners gladly share these external statements, opinions, and ideas because they add a lot to their business’ reputation and authority.

Social Proof

A recent study was performed where they tested 3 different signs in the Arizona Petrified Forest to prevent people from stealing the petrified wood. The sign that had negative social proof actually tripled the number of thefts. So with this study, we can see that negative social proof has a serious impact on people and increases unwanted actions.

So why waste time and money on advertising when you can let your happy customers do the talking for you?

You really should be sitting back and relaxing while your customers become your best marketing specialists.

What Are The Types Of Social Proof Used For Dropshipping Businesses?

Now that you know the importance of social proof let's explain the different types of social proof that most dropshipping businesses use for their websites.

The different types of social proof are

1. Customer reviews

2. Customer testimonials & store reviews

3. Influencer endorsements

4. User-genrated content

5. Shopper counters

Customer Reviews

This type of social proof is usually seen on most dropshipping websites. It is the most powerful form of social proof to display on your website.

However, customer reviews are only powerful when you include favorable and unfavorable reviews. Customers know that most stores only put the best reviews on their site, and product review stats show that too many 5-star reviews come across as inauthentic.

customer reviews

Customer Testimonials & Store Reviews

Quotes from previous clients and customers praising the benefits of your product can be an excellent way to convince potential buyers of your products' benefits.

Whether it's just a simple customer review on the business's website, a star-based rating in the footer, or an entire case study, this content creates positive feedback from genuine users.

Be sure that you include real pictures of the customers, where they are from, gender, name, etc.

Customer Testimonials & Store Reviews

Influencers' Endorsements

Have you ever wonder why companies pay social media stars to endorse their products?

If the influencer says good things about the product and promotes it, the people that are following them will consider trying the product just because their "favorite influencer" did it. The rise of influencer marketing has allowed brands of all sizes to add social proof of endorsement to their websites.

Find an influencer in your niche, who has great things to say about your dropshipping business, and you may find some of their followers become your potential customers.

Influencer Marketing

User-Generated Content

What sets user-generated content (UGC) like photos and videos apart from other types of social proof is that it is unfiltered; reviewers can describe all the good, bad, and ugly things about their experience with your dropshipping business.

Genuine people and not the company generate UGC; user-generated reviews are seen as more trustworthy and better impact customers’ buying decisions.

User-Generated Content

Shopper Counters

Another great way to catch your buyer's attention is by showing how many visitors have viewed the product so that you can increase interest and generate fear-of-missing-out

When shoppers see things like ‘15 people recently bought this product’ or ‘30 people are viewing this product’, they will think to themselves, "Surely if others are buying this product, it must be good."

Shopper counters

You can apply some of these social proof techniques in your dropshipping store as well, and it will help you a lot in boosting sales.

Now that you know what good social proof is let's see how you can avoid and handle negative social proof.

8 Ways To Avoid Negative Social Proof

Negative social proof is when you display things on your website that discourage people from taking the desired action, which in this case, is to buy!  Having negative social proof on your dropshipping store can significantly affect future sales.

Avoid Negative Social Proof

There are multiple ways that you can avoid negative social proof, so here are some of the most efficient ones:

Wait Until You Have More Traffic And Sales

No one wants to shop from a store that isn’t popular. That’s why you should wait until you have sufficient traffic to display compelling social proof.

1. Avoid implementing social proof like shopper counters until you have sufficient traffic or sales. 

2. Don’t display social sharing buttons until your dropshipping has a strong following that's actively and regularly sharing your content.

Manage Your Reviews Properly

As we talked about before, reviews are a powerful tool for getting shoppers to trust you. These tips will help you manage your reviews so they don’t create negative social proof.

3. If a customer wants to leave a negative review, they will usually do that after their negative experience occurs. Be sure that you respond to them as quickly as possible before they have the chance to leave the review.

4. Use a product review app that allows you to hide reviews when you don’t have any.

5. Implement a setting in your product review app that shows reviews from similar products when there are no reviews.

6. Personal replies are key to avoid negative social proof. Make your customers feel understood, appreciated, and well looked after by responding to all reviews, even negative ones.  

Choose The Right Social Proof To Display

You don’t need to display all the social proof on your store. Choose the type of social proof that resonates with your shoppers. Some industries like fashion might only display influencer content or UGC.

7. Pick carefully and show only the social proof that the customers want to see.

8. It is always better to have no social proof than a low-rated one. If you've already gotten a negative review, don’t display it until you have more good reviews.

Even though social proof can help your business boost sales and get more customers, negative social proof can harm your dropshipping business and lose your potential customers.


Customer Photos & Videos

When you put your customers first in every aspect of your dropshipping business, you will always stay ahead of your competition, maintain positive social proof, and attract new customers.

Social proof can work wonders for improving your conversions, but only if you use it wisely. Online buyers will feel a lot more comfortable buying from an eCommerce store with social proof visible on their website. They will see what others have to say about this product and whether they are satisfied with their purchase.

But also remember that negative social proof can be as strong as a positive one.

By avoiding negative social proof, you will build trust with your potential customers and attract more of them.

Here at Debutify, we have the perfect theme for you and your dropshipping store that will attract your buyers to purchase your product. It is perfectly designed to fit every type of social proof that you might want to add. So go ahead and download our theme right now; it is FREE!

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