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12 Oct 2022

The Importance Of Product Packaging For Your eCommerce Business

The Importance Of Product Packaging For Your eCommerce Business

Online shopping has become a part of our everyday lives. In fact, it is forecasted that eCommerce sales will reach $8.1 trillion worldwide in 2026.

And in this massive market... you need to stand out. You need to make your brand memorable for your customers.

So, how can you do that? There are many ways to be memorable, but one thing is through your product packaging!

If you're wondering how, you'll learn...

  • What is product packaging?
  • What are the types of product packaging?
  • 5 important benefits of having excellent product packaging.
  • 3 quick tips to have a great product packaging

Let's start, shall we?


What is product packaging?

Product packaging is the process of designing and producing packages or the exterior container to protect your product.

Coming up with a product packaging design is not easy. Because aside from designing the print of your packaging, you also need to keep in mind its efficiency to protect the products inside.

And there are different types of product packaging. So, let's deep dive and talk about the...


Types of product packaging


1. Corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes


Here are some examples of what corrugated boxes look like.

Corrugated boxes are made up of 3 different sheets of materials. These materials are like thick paperboards but thicker than cardboard and more durable.

Did I also mention that they're recyclable? If you want to make your business more eco-friendly, this can be a great choice of packaging.


2. Foil-sealed bags

Foil-sealed bags


These are foil-sealed packaging. You can see there are different sizes, which makes it perfect for lightweight and small products.

Another great thing about this is they're recyclable!


3. Padded mailers

Padded mailers


Padded mailers' exterior is usually made of kraft paper. Just like foil-sealed packaging, padded mailers are best for small and lightweight products.


4. Bubble mailers

Bubble mailers

Bubble mailers are protected by bubble wraps inside. This makes it more durable than regular padded mailers.

This packaging is also great for lightweight products but works best for fragile items because bubble mailers have extra protection.


5. Custom packaging

Custom packaging


Custom packaging is a great way to stand out and make your products memorable for your customers. It allows you to decide on your design, decorative and protective materials, etc.

Later, I will show you how to create fantastic product packaging through customization. But before that, we need to talk about...


5 Benefits of having amazing product packaging

5 Benefits of having amazing product packaging

Having good packaging can...


1. Enhance brand identity

You can make your brand stand out if you opt for a custom packaging design. Why? Because that allows you to showcase your brand identity.

You can have your logos or taglines printed on your packaging materials. So, when they see the product package... they'd know it's from your brand.

Remember... your package design is also a part of your brand. Not just your publication materials online. You need to amplify your brand identity even offline.

The next reason is you can...


2. Leave a lasting impression

First impressions last. And probably, your customers are receiving dozens of orders almost every day. You need to get their attention.

That's why having a good packaging design will help you leave a lasting impression. If your packaging is not the same as other brands, your brand will stick with them.

Another way to leave a lasting impression is through a...


3. Memorable unboxing experience

Did you know that 61% of consumers said that packaging makes a brand feel more "premium?"

A great memorable unboxing experience will make your customers feel they're getting more value from your brand.

Of course, you want your customers to feel something when opening your products... and that's excitement. And having amazing packaging designs will help you achieve that.

That's one way to provide the best customer experience. This will also...


4. Strengthen marketing strategy

If you give your customers a memorable unboxing experience or branded packaging... that will help your marketing strategy.

How? When you have a striking product package design, you'll excite your customers. And in the social media world... users share what makes them excited.

If they decide to post about your products because of the package design, that's user-generated content. They are creating content about your brand.

Not only that... but their followers will discover your brand, and you can attract customers.

Another benefit, which is one of the most important, is...


5. Protect products

Actual product packaging designs will be less practical if you only focus on how it looks. Because the main purpose of package design is to protect the orders of your customers.

Imagine this... you have a pretty package design, but the packaging material you used damaged the goods.

Now, that's a turn-off for your customers. They might not be able to return to your eCommerce store or leave a negative review. It will also be a hassle for both parties if they choose to return the products.

So, make sure to choose the suitable packaging needs for your products. This will not only increase customer satisfaction but also boost your credibility as a business.


How to have great custom product packaging for your products?


1. Work with product packaging designers

Work with product packaging designers


This is optional... but if you want to create branded package designs, you can work with product packaging designers.

If you already have a brand identity, you can also use that. But you need to look for a packaging service that will help you print and put your brand identity in the packages.

Working with designers will also ensure that your assets will work perfectly on the packaging you choose. Another thing you can do is...


2. Add extra layers of protection and accessories

As I said, good packaging must protect your products. But that doesn't mean it can't look beautiful anymore. It can be pretty and efficient.

How? By adding more protections and decorations! There are available protections that will make your products look and feel more premium.





One of them is by using fillers. It can be Styrofoam peanuts, or if you want to be more practical and environmental-friendly, you can use shredded papers.

Another is by using bubble wraps. They might not be the most aesthetically pleasing fillers, but they can protect your products from breaking.

Using fillers will protect and make your products feel more top-quality.


Tissue wrapping paper

Tissue wrapping paper


To make your product feel more premium... you can also use tissue wrapping paper. And to spice it up, you can add your brand identity.

You can print your logo or other design elements that represent your brand.





Adding stickers is another way to secure your product while enhancing your brand identity. This ensures that no one can tamper with their orders during shipment.

Also, don't forget to put your logo or any part of your brand identity on your stickers.



You can add a business, thank you, or customized cards for your customers, too. This helps you connect with them and make them feel appreciated for placing an order.

And last but not least...


3. Choose the best packaging that suits your products

Choosing the best product packaging for your products is crucial in protecting your products. So, you need to choose the packing materials and designs that work best for your products.

Here are some things to ask yourself when choosing the packaging:

  • Size of the products. Are they too small? Too big? It's important to get the packaging in the right size. Don't put big products on small packaging to avoid getting smashed.
  • Fragility. Are your products in bottles? Or plastics? You need to consider this so you can choose the best packaging, fillers, and accessories for your products.

I said this multiple times... you shouldn't just focus on the design of your product packaging. You should focus on its ability to protect the products your customers purchase.

Do you already have great product packaging? If not...


Invest in efficient product packaging to enhance customer experience!

The sales funnel starts at the awareness stage... from there, your target customers actually purchased your products. So, don't waste this chance on to leave a lasting impression.

Your product's packaging can help you give your customers a better experience with your brand. Who knows? This might even turn them into loyal customers. Or, they might share your products online.

Whatever it is, you'll benefit from investing in a good packaging design. And as a business owner, you need to step up your game. So, if you want to learn more...


Creating a memorable unboxing experience for your customers

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