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Word Of Mouth Marketing In 2021: 7 Essential Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business

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Word Of Mouth Marketing In 2021

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Competition in the world of ecommerce is already aggressive. Having an online presence with a fancy website is no longer enough to make your business stand out in the crowd.

Today, if you want to excel as an online business, you have to attract customers through effective ecommerce marketing strategies.

Sellers use different paid and free marketing strategies to grow business and entice potential and existing customers.

But there is one powerful area that is often overlooked by the owners and digital marketers. We're talking about the word of mouth marketing.

Present-day customers are savvy. You may want to reconsider your approach if you think you can lure them through your paid advertising efforts, as they already know how to block out the noise.

Take an example of yourself. What do you do when you have to buy anything? Make a quick Google search, ask for recommendations from friends or family, and follow the suggestions of influencers you follow and trust.

People admire authenticity, and they follow the suggestions of their loved ones more than trusting any random guy bragging about the product or service on a TV.

The magic of word-of-mouth marketing is real and can bring businesses lots of sales and conversions when done right.

But unlike other forms of marketing that come with their own set of rules, word of mouth marketing could be challenging at times.

Here it is crucial to understand that the goal of word-of-mouth marketing isn't to get people to talk about your brand but to convert them into your long-lasting loyal customers.

We have created this post to highlight seven essential words of mouth marketing strategies to grow your business in 2021 and beyond.

What Is Word Of Mouth Marketing?

What Is Word Of Mouth Marketing?

Word of mouth marketing is a promotional activity that revolves around the recommendations of your satisfied customers. It is a free-of-cost advertisement from a buyer resulting from a positive experience with a brand.

These customers are called brand advocates as they openly share their opinions and reviews about a brand within their social circles. Even they share their experiences on different social media platforms to help others make a profitable buying decision.

Statistics You Need To Know

Have you ever wondered why many online businesses are using word-of-mouth marketing to spread positivity about their brand? The reason is simple. It is powerful.

If your buyers are talking positively about your brand and recommending it to their friends and colleagues, your market reputation and credibility will automatically increase.

According to Nielsen research, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from a friend or a family member before making a purchase online.

Another study reveals that over 88% of people go through online reviews before purchasing anything from a website.

74% of online consumers consider word of mouth marketing a key contributor to their buying decision.

Although word-of-mouth marketing is so powerful, sadly, only 33% of online businesses have a system in place to collect testimonials and reviews.

How Does It Work?

Word of mouth marketing in 2021 happens in two ways. You can either do it organically or use paid amplified marketing campaigns. If you don't currently have a loyal customer base and you want to start from scratch, you can go with the organic approach. But if your word of mouth strategies are already in place, it's time to switch to the amplified marketing and advertising tactics.

Word Of Mouth Marketing VS Referral Marketing VS Word Of Mouth


Word of mouth marketing is often confused with two other terms called referral marketing and word of mouth advertising.

Word of mouth marketing, as mentioned above, is a process that revolves around happy customers who recommend your brand to others based on their positive experience with your business.

Referral marketing, on the other hand, isn't about asking for opinions and recommendations. It is a process that requires e-businesses to identify their loyal customers and reach out to them with a specific message which persuades them to recommend your brand within their social circles and to their friends and family.

Word of mouth advertising works more or less the same way as word of mouth marketing. The only difference is you have to pay your influencer to promote your product on your company's behalf. In other words, it is a form of paid advertising that provides businesses control over what their influencers will say in front of the audiences to build their business repo.

Benefits Of Word Of Mouth Marketing For Your Ecommerce Business

Establishes Brand Loyalty

According to research, customer acquisition can cost businesses five times more than customer retention. Studies also suggest that a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s revenue by up to 75%.

If the customers are happy and satisfied with your services, they’re likely to refer your brand to others. As a result, you get to create a loyal customer base that stays true to your brand no matter what.

Helps Build A Community

Word of mouth marketing also enables you to build an online community consisting of your brand advocates.

But your one wrong move can also result in negative word of mouth that can ruin your overall brand image and reputation.

Helps Your Brand Go Viral

Every business wants to invest in ads and other paid marketing efforts to help them build awareness and increase sales and conversions. But these strategies are expensive and require you to spend extravagantly on your paid marketing budget.

Also, the recognition you get through word-of-mouth marketing is incomparable. Imagine impartial people applauding your brand in the media and on popular social media channels. The impact is going to be absolutely massive.

Free Marketing

The good thing about word-of-mouth marketing is that you don’t have to pay anything in exchange for a review. It’s an organic form of marketing that revolves around genuine buyers and authentic reviews.

More Revenue

Happy customers = Repeat Sales and Referrals = More Sales and Conversions

The most significant perk of using word-of-mouth marketing is that it helps you drive more sales and conversions.

Build Social Proof

Having social proof is critical for the success and growth of any online business. Word of mouth marketing enables you to build social proof for your brand that you can showcase on different platforms to build credibility and trust.

How To Create Word Of Mouth Marketing Strategies To Grow Business In 2021?

There are many channels where you can display what you want to showcase to your target audience. But unless your products and services are super good, it is not easy to trigger a conversation among users.

For your convenience, we have created this guide to reveal seven impactful word-of-mouth strategies you can implement right away to grow your business.

1. Promote Your Brand’s Unique Selling Proposition

It is no surprise that innovative and unique products go viral in no time. Similarly, any hot topic becomes trending quickly as online users are always on the lookout for conversations.

Remember Domino's fresh and hot pizza deal? The brand promised to deliver pizza within 30-minutes or less, or you get it for free.

The deal went viral in no time and became the talk of the town as soon as Dominos made it official.

Make sure you highlight your USP in your campaigns as it can attract the attention of your audience and excite them to share your content with their friends and family.

2. Use Visuals As They Go Viral In No Time

The Internet has quickly turned into a visual place. There is no other form of content as engaging as visual content.

Include exciting and engaging visual content in your campaigns, including images, videos, and infographics to provide value to your users and create hype.

People also share visual content more than text-based blogs and articles. Also, visual content can be reused in different ways and multiple times based on the user’s needs.

3. Create Viral Campaigns

If you have been thinking about leveraging viral marketing, let us tell you it doesn’t exist. You cannot create a campaign to make it viral.

What you can do is include different elements into your campaign that have the potential to create a buzz and excite customers.

Discover areas that you think go well with your business niche. People love humor and trending news. So you can use these things in your campaign to make it look more exciting and appealing.

Some businesses also have a dedicated WOM writer who can write viral content for their brand. All of these strategies will help you gain exposure and also create brand awareness and user engagement.

4. Create An Emotional Experience Through Storytelling

Good or bad, it’s human nature to share experiences with others. One of the most effective ways to tap into buyer’s sentiments is through the art of storytelling.

Storytelling has gained massive popularity in recent years and is adopted by many big brands to create an emotional experience.

When buyers see campaigns that value their sentiments and emotions, they talk more about them with their friends and family.

Create story-based campaigns that connect with your customers at an emotional level. The best way to do this is by using social media as all social media channels come with possibilities for engagement and high exposure.

5. Have Positive User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content goes hand in hand with word of mouth marketing. The more user-generated content you have on your website and social media profiles, the better your business will rank on SERPs. 

Also, people engage better with recommendations coming from like-minded individuals. Welcome users to comment on your posts, share ideas, and drop their feedback so that you can have unique and positive content on your website.

Having positive user-generated content is the best strategy to build customer loyalty, business reputation, and above all, increase conversions.

6. Collaborate With Influencers

Collaborate With Influencers

Influencer marketing is another foolproof way to build trust and credibility. This strategy doesn’t need to be too pricey as well. 

Don’t choose celebrities and famous influencers as they charge a lot to recommend a product or a service. Instead, choose micro-influencers, especially people who have a decent following on social media channels. 

Ask them to talk about your brand on their social media channels. Some influencers even agree to collaborate in exchange for free products, while others ask for a reasonable payment to do this task for you.

All in all, this is one of the best ways to build a reputation. Especially if you have just started out, you can use this word-of-mouth marketing strategy in 2021 to create awareness and trust.

7. Introduce Reward Programs

Everybody loves freebies, gifts, and rewards. When brands offer their customers rewards, they feel special and feel obliged to share their reviews and positive recommendations within their social circles. With this strategy, you can even earn plenty of positive testimonials for your website and social media pages that you can use as social proof to build trust.

That reward could be anything - a sample product, coupon code, discount, or reward points that they can redeem in the future.

There you have it -  7 Essential Word-of-Mouth Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business. We have tried them personally and found them immensely useful.

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347,628+ Are Reading The Debutify Newsletter.

Get bite-sized lessons from leading experts in the world of e-commerce. Improve your business in 5 minutes a week. Subscribe today: