How Early2Bed increased its monthly sales by 112% within 6 months of using Debutify Theme

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Learn how Debutify Theme’s easy customization features helped Early2Bed transform its online presence and enhance user experience.

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Find out how Early2Bed improved its conversion rates by leveraging the unique features of the Debutify theme.

Early2Bed is a trusted destination for individuals and couples seeking to enhance their intimate experiences. With a carefully curated selection of adult toys and accessories, Early2Bed has earned a reputation for quality, discretion, and customer satisfaction.

However, the brand struggled with low conversion rates, slow sales growth, and untapped potential for customer lifetime value.


Despite a diverse product range and a commitment to quality, Early2Bed struggled with low conversion rates. Their previous website layout did not capture the essence of their brand or facilitate an easy shopping experience. As a result, they were making only $54,990 monthly and had average daily sales of $1833. 

Early2Bed knew their site needed a fresh look—one that not only caught the eye but also made shopping effortless and enjoyable.


Recognizing the need for a change, Early2Bed turned to the Debutify Theme. With its easy-to-use interface and customizable features, Early2Bed was able to create a website that not only looked great but also offered a seamless user experience. The theme's support team was there every step of the way, allowing the Early2Bed team to focus on what they do best.

Announcement Bar

Early2Bed utilized the Announcement Bar widget to highlight special offers, promotions, and important updates, effectively grabbing visitors' attention and encouraging them to take action.

Wish List

The Wish List widget allowed Early2Bed customers to save their favorite products for later, enhancing user engagement and facilitating future purchases.

Collection Filters

By implementing Collection Filters, Early2Bed improved the browsing experience for customers, enabling them to find products that matched their preferences and needs quickly.

Custom Currencies

With the ability to display prices in multiple currencies, Early2Bed catered to an international audience, reducing friction in the purchasing process and expanding its customer base.

Sticky Add-to-Cart

With the Sticky Add-to-Cart widget, Early2Bed made it easier for customers to add items to their cart, reducing friction in the purchasing process and ultimately increasing conversion rates.


The impact of Debutify Theme on Early2Bed's success was nothing short of remarkable. With their newly revamped website, Early2Bed experienced a surge in conversion rates, sales, and customer satisfaction. In 6 months, its monthly sales skyrocketed to over $117,000, with an average daily sales of $3,900. That's 112% increase in monthly sales! On the other hand, their conversion rates increased to 1.5% from 0.5%, propelling Early2Bed to the forefront of the adult toy market. With the burden of website optimization lifted, Early2Bed could focus more on its day-to-day operations, providing exceptional products and services to its customers.