How Jennifer Lay Lash Supplies increased its conversion rate by 875% within 3 months of using Debutify Theme

How to boost your sales without discounting.

Inside, you'll learn exactly what Jennifer Lay did that helped her go from $8,000 to $70,000 a month in 3 months.

Why choosing the right theme is important for your brand

Find out how Debutify Theme has helped Jennifer Lay Lash Supplies go from a home-based startup to one of the leading lash suppliers in Australia.

Why most startup businesses fail after their first growth spurt.

And how Debutify Theme can help save your business.

For most people, faux lashes are merely pieces of hair you attach to your eyelids. But for Jennifer Lay, they're more than that. From subtle and flirty to thick and dramatic, Jennifer Lay's lashes not only make the eyes pop but also give a renewed sense of confidence.

Once a home-based startup, Jennifer Lay Lash Supplies is now one of the leading suppliers of individuals and lash artists in Australia. The brand prides itself on carrying premium faux mink lashes and accessories and has cultivated a highly engaged social media following.

After over a year of being stuck, Jennifer focused on optimizing her Shopify Store. That's when she started using Debutify Theme.

After using Debutify, Jennifer Lay enjoyed...

20% Increase

In conversion rates almost immediately

30% Increase

In repeat customers

875% Increase

in sales within 3 months


When Jennifer Lay started her faux mink lashes brand, she had high hopes for her business. After all, she offers high-quality products. Plus, the lash market is a booming trend.

Jennifer knew that she'd succeed if she works hard and perseveres. So she started promoting her business on Instagram. She spent countless hours creating content and engaging with her followers. Slowly, she was able to build and grow her fan base and started seeing the results of her hard work.

Jennifer Lay Lashes began earning $300 to $700 a day consistently. But a year after her launch, she felt like her business was stagnating.

No matter how hard she tries, her sales aren't growing. She realized that she needed to do things differently if she was serious about growing her business.


To grow her brand effectively, Jennifer knew she could no longer rely on organic Instagram traffic.

She decided to work with an agency to help her scale her brand. After auditing her assets, they realized that her eCommerce store wasn't optimized for conversion. So the next step was to find a theme that can allow her to change the look and feel of the store to make sure it perfectly matches her brand while optimizing every page of the store for conversion.

This was where Debutify Theme came in.

Not only did Debutify Theme make it easier for them to customize the look and feel of the store, but the 57+ profit-pulling add-ons made the job of optimizing the store a breeze.

Here are some of the add-ons they used:

Discount saved

This add-on shows customers how much money they'll save if they purchase a specific product.

Add-to-cart animation

Add-to-cart animation was designed to capture the customer's attention, get them to focus on the add-to-cart button, and click on it.

Trust badge

This was displayed on the product page. It helped address the uncertainties of first-time buyers and gain their trust.

Upsell bundle

This add-on has allowed Jennifer Lay to create bundle offers and get customers to buy several items in a single click.

Sticky add-to cart

This add-on made it easier for customers to click the add-to-cart button, even if they have already scrolled further down the product page.

Cart goal

Offers free shipping when customers reach a certain amount. This entices customers to add more items to their carts.

Smart Search

Since Jennifer Lay offers a wide variety of products, the smart search feature made it easier for potential customers to find the exact product they were looking for.

Newsletter pop-up

This add-on has helped Jennifer Lay build and grow its email list. It allowed them to capture the email address of customers before they leave the site and played an important role in their email marketing campaign.

In addition to the solutions mentioned above, the agency suggested that they run some marketing campaigns — Facebook ads, Google ads, and email marketing. All these strategies combined have helped this brand fast-track its success.

"I started using Debutify more
than 18 months ago and will
never go back".

Jennifer Lay

Owner, Jennifer Lay Lash Supplies


Soon after installing Debutify Theme, taking advantage of the built-in add-ons, and running paid ads, Jennifer Lay's Shopify store was humming with activity. Even better, her conversion rates skyrocketed in no time.

The ads were specifically designed to drive traffic to her Shopify store, while Debutify's conversion-boosting Add-Ons helped turn visitors into paying customers.

Once set up, they noticed a 20% increase in sales almost immediately. Within 3 months, her sales went from $8,000 to $70,000 a month. That's an 875% increase in sales!

But Jennifer Lay Lash Supplies' growth didn't stop there. Supplemented by remarketing campaigns and email marketing, the brand increased repeat purchases by 30%.

Since then, the brand has expanded and is now catering to customers from the U.S., New Zealand, and UAE. This allowed the business to grow by 10% to 30% month after month. In just 18 months, Jennifer Lay Lash Supplies has consistently made over $100,000 a month.