How Laughing Pug Australia increased its daily sales by 400% within 2 months of using Debutify Theme

How a smart theme can turn your eCommerce store into an attention-grabbing sales booster

Discover how Laughing Pug went from a startup business to supplying premium coffee to businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

How this startup coffee business was able to outperform its competitors

See how Laughing Pug thrived during the pandemic, even expanding its brand internationally.

Discover why having tons of traffic isn't enough

Learn the truth about website traffic and how to convert it into sales.

Almost everyone we know starts their day with a cup of coffee. But instead of brewing coffee at home, most people would just snag a cup from the nearest coffee shop. Why? Because it takes too much work!

That's probably one of the reasons why Laughing Pug became a huge success in Australia. They allow people to get consistently good coffee with little to no effort. In fact, you only need a cup and hot water to make an exceptional cup of joe at home.

Once a startup coffee business, Laughing Pug is now setting the global standard for convenient, world-class coffee in Australia and New Zealand. They even supply premium coffee beans and coffee drip bags to businesses throughout Australia.

But things weren't always easy for Laughing Pug. When they were starting out, they had a hard time promoting their business. Although they had a great marketing strategy in mind, the result was the opposite of what they expected.

Things started to change when they started using Debutify. Their cost per purchase went down while their conversion rates soared.

After using Debutify Theme, Laughing Pug enjoyed…


increase in daily revenue


increase in ROAS across all platforms


increase in monthly revenue within 2 months


Laughing Pug prides itself in selling good quality coffee. Confident that they'll capture the hearts of their target audience, they decided to use the 'free plus shipping' model to offer coffee samples.

The "free plus shipping" model is known to work well in the food industry. Laughing Pug was confident that those who tried their coffee would end up buying their products and will keep coming back. So they started running Facebook ads to help them generate leads.

Things seem to be working well for this coffee brand... until a marketing agency took a close look at their numbers.

Laughing Pug was already making $1,000 to $1,500 a day, which isn't bad for a startup business. The problem is... the surging acquisition cost!

They were running ads with a cost per purchase of $9. The problem is that they're only charging $7.95 for their coffee samples, which only covers the shipping cost. They were giving away free samples in the hopes of increasing their sales, and yet they weren't breaking even.

While Facebook ads have helped them get the word out about their business, clearly, it wasn't enough to help them grow into a profitable brand.

Sure, their ads were consistently driving traffic to their website, but their store wasn't doing its job of converting visitors into customers. As a result, the majority of them would leave the site without completing the transaction.


Laughing Pug realized that it would be impossible to scale its brand by relying solely on Facebook ads. They started working with a digital marketing agency, hoping they can help them boost their conversion rates.

Since they are already driving tons of traffic to their site, they wanted to maximize the traffic and turn them into customers. They needed a fast and easy way to optimize their site. This was where Debutify Theme came in.

The first thing they did was install the Debutify Theme into their Shopify store. It allowed them to customize the look and feel of their store quickly and easily. Plus, the theme came with 50+ built-in upsell, cross-sell, and conversion apps, which were designed to add conversion elements at every step of the customer's purchasing journey.

Here are some of the add-ons they used:

Collection filter add-ons

It allows visitors to filter the products on the collection page by the parameters they want.

Collection add-to-cart

Collection add-to-cart allows visitors to add products to the cart directly from collection pages.

Discount saved

This add-on shows customers how much money they'll save if they purchase a specific product.

Add-to-cart animation

Add-to-cart animation was designed to capture the attention of the customer, get them to focus on the add-to-cart button, and click on it.

Discount saved

Display the discount amount of on-sale product variants on the product page.

Upsell bundle

This add-on has allowed Laughing Pug to create bundle offers and get customers to buy a number of products in a single click.

Sticky add-to-cart

This add-on made it easier for customers to click the add-to-cart button, even if they have already scrolled further down the product page.

Cart upsell

This add-on adds upsells and cross-sells directly in the cart, raising the average order value.

Trust badge

Located right below the "Check Out" button, the trust badge displays payment icons to help gain buyers’ trust.

Cart discount

Allow customers to enter discount codes in the cart before checkout.

Order feedback

By adding this add-on on the cart page, Milkie Co gets to track where their customers are coming from, which is integral to their remarketing strategy.

In addition to optimizing its eCommerce website, Laughing Pug improved their Facebook ad campaigns. They also added Google ads, Microsoft ads, and SMS remarketing campaigns into their marketing mix. All these combined have helped Laughing Pug increase their conversion rates and grow their brand.


Within 2 months of using Debutify, Laughing Pug was able to double its monthly revenue. For the first time since their launch, they were able to earn A$100,000 a month.

What's interesting is that they didn't have to wait for 2 months to see results. In fact, their cost per purchase went from $9 to $7 just after a week of optimizing their site and improving their Facebook ad campaigns.

The ads were designed to drive traffic to their store, while Debutify's sales-boosting add-ons helped boost their conversion rates. With fewer customers abandoning their carts, Laughing Pug enjoyed a 30% increase in sales almost immediately.

Seeing excellent results from their marketing campaigns, Laughing Pug was able to invest more into their business. Within a few months, they were able to hire new staff, launch new products, and even expanded their business in New Zealand.

Once a startup coffee business, Laughing Pug is now one of the biggest coffee suppliers in Australia. Now, they even supply coffee products and equipment to businesses to ensure that they consistently provide the finest coffee to their customers.

With all the marketing campaigns in place and Debutify as its Shopify theme, Laughing Pug continues to grow month after month. And when asked about their goal in the next 12 months, the owner said that they aim to generate A$200,000 a month in sales.

Considering the quality of their products and how much effort they put into their business, we are confident that Laughing Pug can achieve their goals in no time.