How Milkie Co doubled their conversions and 5X their revenue in 4 months with Debutify Theme

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As a haven of everything fun, bright, and customizable, Milkie Co easily became a favorite of women looking for thoughtful and charming gifts for the special people in their lives.

From gorgeous beaded keyrings in dreamy color palettes to the delightful aroma of luxe candles and melts around the home, Milkie Co is a girl’s go-to for all things adorable and personalized.

But despite being dubbed as The Customization Queens, Milkie Co struggled to breach the $200-per-day revenue they found themselves stuck in. With most of their traffic still coming from their Instagram fans, they knew they had to level up their marketing efforts to create repeat customers and increase their average order value.

Four months after using the Debutify Theme on their Shopify store and implementing remarketing strategies, Milkie Co was able to generate over $28,000 in total sales volume—a 500% increase in revenue despite being in a highly competitive environment.

After using Debutify Theme, Milkie Co enjoyed…


Increase in revenue


Products sold


Total revenue generated


Starting as a Melbourne-based business selling custom cookies, Milkie Co branched out to creating personalized handmade trinkets for every occasion.

As they gained a loyal following on Instagram, Milkie Co's owner decided to open a Shopify store, which generated $200 a day for over six months. But while their revenue remained consistent over time, breaking their income ceiling was a challenge.

Milkie Co's sales were entirely reliant on their Instagram fans despite having an online store. In fact, their Shopify store’s conversion rate was a measly 1.85%.

The owner knew that marketing was the key to scaling to the next level, but she had no prior experience in doing so.

With this massive challenge in front of them, Milkie Co's goal of breaching their income ceiling and hitting revenue of at least $1,000 a day seemed like a long shot.


Milkie Co consulted with an agency to assist them in implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Since Milkie Co already has thousands of Instagram followers, they decided to focus on two things: first, optimize their store's conversion rates, and second, increase the order values of their customers.

As both steps leverage the traffic they're already getting, these two solutions alone can boost their revenue, allowing them to increase ad spend and create a marketing flywheel.

They decided to use Debutify Theme to implement their action plan and optimize their online store conversion. With 50+ Add-Ons designed to maximize conversions at every stage of an eCommerce business, Debutify Theme has everything Milkie Co needs to build and scale its brand.

Here are some of the Add-Ons Milkie Co used:

Add-Ons to Increase Conversion Rates

Cart discount

The cart discount add-on allows customers to enter discount codes in the cart before checking out.

Order feedback

By adding this add-on on the cart page, Milkie Co gets to track where their customers are coming from, which is integral to their remarketing strategy.

Customizable products

This add-on adds several options and fields to the product page to allow buyers to put a personal touch on their items.

Discount saved

It displays the discount amount of on-sale product variants on the product page.

Trust badge

Located right below the add-to-cart button, the trust badge displays payment icons to help gain buyers’ trust.

Color swatches

It adds color swatches to the product options, letting customers personalize their orders.

Newsletter pop-up

This customizable newsletter popup offers discounts to Milkie Co’s visitors in exchange for signing up for their email newsletter.

Custom currencies

Since Milkie Co ships worldwide, the custom currencies add-on is helpful for showing the prices of their products in multiple currencies without the need for Shopify Payment multi-currency converter.

Inactive tab message

It displays a different page title when the user goes to another tab, gently nudging them to come back and complete their order.

Cookie Box

By displaying a Cookie Box, Milkie Co shows that it's a GDPR-compliant store.

Add-Ons to increase average order value

Cart upsell

This add-on adds upsells and cross-sells directly in the cart, raising the average order value.

Wish list

It lets customers add their favorite products to a wish list that they can come back to later.

Together with these Debutify Theme optimizations, Milkie Co increased their ad spend and employed Facebook and Google ads, SMS, and email marketing, and Google Analytics to accelerate their growth.

“Since working with Debutify, I
have gone from $5,000 a month
to over $50,000 a month
consistently. Thank you,

Milkie Co


Within four months of using Debutify Theme, Milkie Co’s store conversion rate doubled from 1.85% to 3.51%. They also enjoyed a 6% increase in average order value, leading to an almost 500% increase in Shopify sales.

Aside from that, Debutify Theme helped drive down overhead costs from additional apps and integrations while keeping the website at top loading speed.

Despite being a small business in a highly competitive niche, Milkie Co was able to maintain a $1,000-a-day income, thanks to their consistent 3-5% conversion rate every month.

The dramatic growth of Milkie Co in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis not only helped them increase ad spend to continue their remarketing efforts but also spurred them to hire more team members and build a warehouse for future orders.

At present, Milkie Co is utilizing all types of marketing, including Facebook, Google, Bing, and emails, to help the brand grow sustainably in the long run.