Debutify vs. Motion

prop image Motion’s Animation and Video are not
enough to grow a profitable brand.

Animation and video are like the cherry on top of a cake. While it puts the “final touches” to your brand… if the “cake” isn’t any good, no amount of cherries on top would make it taste any better!

With Debutify, you’ll not only get the essential foundation to start and grow… you’ll also have almost everything you need to scale your brand fast.

14-Day Free Trial. 1-Click Installation. No Credit Card Required.

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Debutify vs Motion
features comparison

Debutify is the best Motion alternative built by a brand owner... for brand owners.

After founding multiple 7-Figure businesses, our founder, Ricky Hayes designed Debutify to give you everything you need from starting and growing your brand.

From essential functions and integrations up to advanced 57+ Add-Ons, you’ll be backed by our simple and powerful tools to scale your brand.

See how Debutify stacks up against the Motion Shopify theme.

Feature Debutify Motion
Age Check icon-green icon-cross
Automatic Geolocation icon-green icon-cross
Cookie Box icon-green icon-cross
Currency Converter icon-green icon-cross
Facebook Messenger icon-green icon-cross
FAQ Page icon-green icon-cross
Instagram Feed icon-green icon-cross
Mega Menu icon-green icon-cross
Newsletter Pop-Up icon-green icon-cross
Shop Protect icon-green icon-cross
Smart Search icon-green icon-green
Wish List icon-green icon-cross
Product Page
Add-To-Cart Animation icon-green icon-cross
Collections Add-To-Cart icon-green icon-cross
Color Swatches icon-green icon-cross
Delivery Time icon-green icon-cross
Discount Saved icon-green icon-cross
Inventory Quantity icon-green icon-cross
Linked Options icon-green icon-cross
Live View icon-green icon-cross
Pricing Table icon-green icon-cross
Quantity Breaks icon-green icon-cross
Sales Countdown icon-green icon-cross
Sales Pop icon-green icon-cross
Skip Cart icon-green icon-cross
Sticky Add-To-Cart icon-green icon-cross
Trust Badge icon-green icon-cross
Quick View icon-green icon-cross
Upsell Bundles icon-green icon-green
Quick View icon-green icon-cross
Cart Page
Cart Countdown icon-green icon-cross
Cart Discount icon-green icon-cross
Cart Goal icon-green icon-cross
Cart Upsell icon-green icon-cross

Debutify is not just a theme.
It’s your Business Partner

It's like having a trusted mentor to guide your business decisions. From initial setup all the way to growing repeat customers… Debutify has your back. The best part? In this partnership, you take all the profits.

That’s why our founder, Ricky Hayes, is pulling the curtains off to some of his closely guarded secrets from growing an 8-Figure Brand — now available at your fingertips! PLUS get access to the “Insider” Mentorship Group for FREE.

Our Five-star Client Success Managers
Are Available 24/7.

We love to help. Seriously.
The team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you succeed. Whether you need code help or a little techy stuff... we'll be there for you.

Customer Support

Features Debutify Motion
24/7 Customer Support icon-green icon-cross
Coding Support icon-green icon-cross
icon star icon star icon star icon star icon star

Seriously amazing app and support. Do not be afraid to try Debutify out for yourself. Customer
support reply in less than 20 min.

-Silas Nielsen

See Why Our Customers Love Us

icon star icon star icon star icon star icon star

“In terms of store design, I would definitely use Debutify. It’s clean
and simple
and I've been using it recently and transformed all of
my stores with [Debutify].
A really good theme to use.”

brand-prop-left brand-prop-left

Otis Coleman

The Ecom Wizard

icon star icon star icon star icon star icon star

“The highest conversion rates… the highest page speeds…
Debutify ranks among the top ones.”

brand-prop-left brand-prop-left

Jordan Welch

7-Figure Brand Owner & Ecommerce Influencer

icon star icon star icon star icon star icon star

“From 2-3% Conversion rate to 5% on a new branded Shopify store
with optimizations in the theme”

brand-prop-left brand-prop-left

James Beattie

Ecom Insider, Ecommerce Mentor & Influencer

icon star icon star icon star icon star icon star

“[Debutify] has everything you need in order to test and scale to
store efficiently.
With [Debutify] you know that you have
everything to succeed.”

brand-prop-left brand-prop-left

Marc Chapon

7-Figure Ecommerce Entrepreneur and Influencer

Join Thousands of Brand Owners
switching from Motion to Debutify.

Boost your sales, increase your conversions and predictably scale
your brand... without losing your shirt.

14-Day Free Trial. 1-Click Installation. No Credit Card Required.