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Hosted by: Connor Curlewis

Weekly interviews, insights, and strategies for starting, optimizing, and scaling your ecommerce brand the smart way.



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About the Show

Every Tuesday, we're bringing in experts from diverse backgrounds who know the "ins and outs" of their respective eCommerce domains.

We'll pick the brains of these successful, passionate, and driven individuals. Our goal is to let them spill the beans, let the cat out of the bag, and pull back the curtains to reveal some of their closely guarded secrets!

I'm talking about the juicy stuff regarding all things eCommerce: From Facebook Ads, SEO, and PPC... to finding million-dollar products, the best automation strategies, and even insider 8-figure secrets from people who've already been there and beyond.

No matter your experience level, you can find gold nuggets in every episode. Even a single idea can mean hundreds of thousands, if not millions, to your bottom line.

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Meet Connor Curlewis

Host/Ecomonics Podcast

Growing up in both New Zealand and England, Connor has been blessed with a life of vast connections. His father’s job in the Royal Navy meant moving house often. He now lives in his 18th house so he's no stranger to strangers.

He tries his best to sing in a band, oversee video production at Debutify, take long walks, dabble with short films, and host the Debutify Podcast. But mostly, he spends his time talking with friends.

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