Episode 35 Featuring Joseph Ianni

Lior Pozin - AutoDS, Dropshipping At An Unprecedented Scale

Lior Pozin - AutoDS, Dropshipping At An Unprecedented Scale

What I want you to pay attention to in this episode is the sense of scale conveyed by my guests, Lior Pozin and his company AutoDS. Made for beginners and experts alike. AutoDS manages over 12,000 stores and handles the back end for you in full. With suppliers, ranging from AliExpress to Etsy, to Sam's club you know, you're playing with the big guns. From some of what Lior tells me about dealing with the competition, you're going to be glad to have a company like this on your side. 

Founder and CEO of AutoDS, an all in one dropshipping tool that enables entrepreneurs to automate their entire business, Lior Pozin continues to stand as one of today’s most successful dropshippers. With more than ten years of experience in the industry, he has managed to scale his business to an empire that oversees over 35 different eCommerce stores. His YouTube channel, AutoDS - Automatic Dropshipping Tools, offers over 150 videos which aim to help others succeed in their dropshipping business.



Joseph Ianni
Joseph Ianni

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