Refund Policy

Unless expressly set forth herein, the subscription fees are noncancelable and non-refundable.

Debutify offers a free trial to use its products. If the customer subscribes to one of Debutify's plans, the subscription fees won’t be refunded.

Currently, Debutify offers two products:

  • Debutify Theme
  • Debutify Reviews

For the Debutify Theme app, our customers are entitled to a 14-day free trial; for the Debutify Reviews app, our customers are entitled to a 30-day free trial. When the trial period ends, the customer won’t be allowed to continue using either of our products without subscribing to one of our paid plans or without subscription payment on subscribed plan.

Our pricing plans are subject to change at any time. If you are a current user and subscriber to one of our plans, you will be notified at least 15 days in advance before any change takes place.

Debutify may issue a refund on the following basis:

  • a

    If a customer was double-charged by Debutify or their third-party service provider through a technical error, Debutify would refund them within 60 days of receiving a refund request.

Debutify reserves the right to refuse your refund request at any time without providing an explanation, especially if:

  • 1

    The customer used offensive language against Debutify or its representatives.

  • 2

    The customer made public deceptive or misleading messages or posts against Debutify

The refund is only applicable to the original purchase of the service. It does not apply to any upgrades, modifications, or renewals.

Please note that the refund amount may be different from the amount you were charged due to currency changes and third-party fees, such as wire transfer fees, and Debutify shall not be responsible for any differences caused by changes of currency exchange rates or fees that you were charged by third parties.

Debutify reserves the right to deny your refund request to the fullest extent allowed by law if it finds that you gave a notice of cancellation in bad faith or in an illegal attempt to avoid paying for services you received and enjoyed.

Furthermore, Debutify does not offer prorated refunds for cancelled subscription plans. There will be no refunds for partial months of service, upgrade/downgrade refunds, or refunds for months unused with an open account. In order to treat everyone equally, no exceptions will be made.

Prior to using our products, Debutify users should keep in mind that:

If you uninstall our app, that doesn't cancel the subscription automatically. You must cancel your subscription before uninstalling our app or submit a cancellation request to our team.


  • If you pause Shopify, that doesn't cancel your Debutify subscription;
  • If you forget to cancel your subscription, the charge is non-refundable;
  • If you undertake a chargeback, you won’t be eligible for a refund;
  • If Shopify closes your store due to a copyright violation or other violation of its terms, you can contact us at [email protected] and request that we cancel your subscription at Debutify;
  • However, no refund will be issued if the store is closed due to a violation of Shopify policies.


We offer our services in the online store according to our current price list.

Payments shall be made by credit card via our third-party payment service providers and subject to their respective terms of service and privacy policies.

We may update our fees from time to time or change the payment method.

You will be charged the fees that arise from such changes only after notice is provided, either by email or a prominent notice on the services.

By continuing to use the services following such notice, you agree to be bound by such modifications.

Subscriptions renew automatically

If you subscribe to any of our plans, it will be automatically renewed at the end of the subscription period, and you will be charged in advance at the start of each billing period.


You are responsible for reporting and paying any taxes related to the services, as well as any related penalties or interest that apply to your purchase or country of purchase.

In the event that you are required by law to deduct and/or withhold any amount from any payments made to us, then the fees shall be deemed as grossed-up and increased such that the actual net amount to be paid to us shall be equal to the fees that would have been due to company without such deduction or withholding.