Business Tutorials 9m 51s 13 Feb 2023

10 Ways To Build eCommerce Brand Loyalty With Customer Reviews


In this video, we're gonna talk about the importance of customer loyalty to your brand, different ways on how to use reviews to build loyalty, and various methods on how to incorporate your customer reviews into a loyalty program.

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00:00 Intro

01:21 Why is customer loyalty important

02:33 How to improve brand loyalty with customer reviews

02:40 #1 Feature satisfied customers

03:41 #2 Don't conceal negative reviews

05:03 #3 Showcase unique value proposition

05:35 #4 Respond to negative reviews

06:33 #5 Fix reported issues

06:55 #6 Implement changes through reviews

07:23 #7 Encourage feedback from customers

08:00 #8 Create a loyalty program with reviews

08:39 #9 Create brand ambassadors from loyal customers

09:10 #10 Thank you customers for their reviews

09:30 Outro



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