Business Tutorials 29m 15s 15 Oct 2021

12 Books That Changed My Life


If you don't know me already I'm Connor from Debutify, I teach ecommerce, marketing, I ride bikes and make youtube videos. Being me isn't something I chose to be, I was shaped by my environment, my friends and family and the information I've been lucky to receive. 


In this video, I'm going to show you 12 books that changed my life. I hope that you learn something from these too.


12 Books That Changed My Life Slides



00:00 Intro

01:08 Ogilvy On Advertising

02:23 StockDelver By Lyn Alden

04:28 Steve Jobs By Walter Isaacson

07:36 Of Walking On Ice By Werner Herzog

10:23 This Is Why We Sleep By Matthew Walker

12:09 Suttree By Cormac McCarthy

13:08 Benefits Of Reading Fiction

14:32 Why I Write By George Orwell

18:01 Learning To Think By Emmet

19:23 Waking Up By Sam Harris

20:51 Denial Of Death By Ernest Becker

22:18 Gulag A History By Anne Applebaum

25:07 Meditations By Marcus Aurelius

26:53 Why You Should Read

27:40 Tips On How To Read