5 Free Unsaturated Viral Winning Products For August 2020

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?In today's video, we are going to dive deep into 5 winning products for August 2020. These products can be used for dropshipping and start getting sales.



0:00 Intro 

0:45 Bluetooth Sleep Eyemask 

1:35 Lightweight Athletic Aqua Footwear 

3:30 5 In 1 Vegetable Cutter 

5:53 Vacuum Food Sealer 

8:20 Pet Nail Clipper 


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Debutify CORP

Digital marketing and drop shipping can be confusing. So we're starting a channel to help shed a bit of light on the whole thing.

All right, welcome. We are home. The fire is on and I'm bringing you a video of our five new winning products for august. Here at Debutify, we've researched and found all of these beautiful products just for you. So today I'm just going to help you market these products, help you find an audience and curate your own Shopify website.

So we've researched and made a little PowerPoint for you, and you can download that below. Otherwise let's get into the video. First product is a Bluetooth sleep eyemask which you can use to listen to music while you sleep or even napping or in the bath. The price is 39.99. The cost is 10.55 and the  profit is 29.44. Pretty tidy. They also shipped to the US for $3.37. Just under a week's time. So let's talk about interests. On Facebook ads, you're going to want to pick out the interests of who to target your ad to. I intuitively think that the main interest for this product is music. People are often listening to music as they go to sleep. And this is just taking that to another layer that also have a look at interest and see who has expressed difficulty in sleeping. And targeted to them as well. Also, if you're having trouble sleeping, I'd read why we sleep by Matthew Walker. Seriously changed my life. 

Anyway, product number two is a lightweight athletic Aqua footwear. I really like this product because it's moving genres within the fashion industry. You could probably wear these with jeans or any casual. And still go to the beach and get your shoes wet and not worry about your sneakers or your leather shoes getting ruined. So this is pretty cool. So the price is $30.99. Cost is $15.72 and the profit is $15.27. So you're going to want to target this to people who are showing an interest in activities. So many activities, people who have shown an interest in hiking, swimming, sailing the beach, you're going to want to do an umbrella interest of just activities, but you also want to nail it down to water activities, kayaking, sailing, these sorts of things, where you're actually going to get your feet wet. And you're probably more interested in this product. So if we move away from Ali express here and have a look at the competitors website that we've researched for you, we found somebody called fitme.u. This site is so simple and I really enjoy the black and white theme. It makes the buy now button really pop. The reason it's popping so much is because the product itself is pink or all the buttons. And the taste is just black and white. Just really grabs your attention and makes the site easy to navigate. You don't want to make it hard for people to go through. You want to make it very easy and curate that funnel to get that bank. These guys have also got an excellent product demonstration video from a videographer myself. Very interesting straightaway. They've got the glitch effects with zoom in and they flip over the shoe and showcase the product in a few different angles and a few them. And I really liked the smoke that they use here. Very cool way of showing that the product is curable. Usually on ali express, you've got some really basic videos, which don't make sense most of the time, but this is on point. You want to be looking at this as a case study for how to make your own video marketing materials.

 Let's move on to the next part, which is a five in one vegetable cutter, the five in one is referring to the five different attachments that you can do to cut up things in different sizes. The price is 33 99. The cost is $9 and 90 with a profit of $24 and 9 cents. Yes, I was a chef in restaurants for six years, and I really liked this product because it makes cutting and storage into one activity in a professional kitchen. You want to cut up vegetables as quickly as possible and have them on hand easily in a storage container for when the orders come through and you want to smash it out with these quickly. This all just happens at once when you cut the food to go straight into the container. I actually saw this in the supermarket last night, which is a freaky coincidence because we were writing up these slides this week and it was just there in the supermarket. So that means that it is being pushed in the mainstream. So you want it jump on it now. So you definitely want to be pushing this to people on Facebook who are interested in food. But you want to split that up because people who are interested in eating might be more interested in eating out at a restaurant as opposed to cooking at home. And you definitely want to be honing in on this second interest cause people who are interested in cooking at home are interested in those kinds of gimmicky kitchen appliances. I mean, I prefer a good solid knife to cut up. But I'm going to say it's pretty cool. And maybe I'll get one next time. I'm at the supermarket. They've also got a video here, showcasing the product. It's kind of nineties infomercial, but they do employ some marketing techniques that are proven to work like the black and white film of the bad way. This is the bad way. This is how we used to do it. And if you introduce our new product, all the color comes in and everybody's happy. It's a bit cheesy, but it does actually work. It's really strange because the product is new. I mean, it might be being resurfaced. I'm not sure, but the video looks like it's the way that they've shot. The video is straight nineties infamous. Whenever I crack an egg, that'd be a mess on the stove, a mess on the counter. In my case if you take a look at it, these videos below, you'll be able to see the difference between the aquifer footwear and this vegetable cutter. And you can kind of see where the thought has gone. Take a look at these case. Studies hit us up in the comments below. Let me know if I'm an idiot. I mean, I don't know the aquifer where commercial just looks way better than me, whatever. Let me know what you think. 

Our fourth product here today is a vacuum food sealer. As with most things on ali express, this vacuum food sealer is a bit all over the place. The first photo has got five examples of the product. It's a bit overstimulating for me. So the price for this one is 24.98. The cost is going to be $4.84 and the profit will be $20 and 14 cents. If we have a look at the case study, which is called daydaylol, that's the website. Uh, hopefully you guys can come up with something better. Also they seem to be doing well. So maybe you should make a crazy name, just like that. It says 50% discount today at the top. I was on this website earlier, and I know that it's a, it was like that three days ago, but, uh, it seems to be working. So maybe you should try that. Um, the color is a bit like wary. The add to cart is in times new roman which is completely fine, but it's black on a dark green box. So it's kind of hard to see if you look at the buy with PayPal button, which was designed by Elon Musk. Now, I don't know if it was designed by Elon Musk. That's like pops because of the light blue and dark blue on the yellow background, which are opposite on the color wheel. So you can see why that's popping and their own add to cart is not, you definitely want to make your own, add to cart or buy now buttons. Just jumped right out of the screen. The text is nicely laid out and it's very easy to understand what exactly this product is. Product video for this as tidy as well. And it really does explain how this is a winning product. The functionality of this tough word is so different to so many others. You can just put it right on a plate straight away after you finish your food or straight away after you haven't finished your food and make it leftover in the fridge, you can then stack these 10 high in your fridge instead of just having one plate taking up the whole shelf. It's also got a timer on it. So you can put in when you put it in the fridge and know when to take it out. Pretty sure I'm going to pick myself up one of these. So you guys should smash that before I buy all of them, probably say the same thing for this is another kitchen appliance. So you want to be targeting people on Facebook who are interested in cooking, probably going for a range of people above 24, as a general rule of thumb people who are between 18 and 24. They're not really spending that much online. You should be going for people. Who've got a bit more time on their hands, probably doing a bit more cooking and other people. My own age are eating out at takeaway shops a bit more. So go for that above 24 years old range.

 So the last product, this is a pretty funky one. It's a pet nail clipper. The reason, I think this is a winning product is because of the specialization it brings. If you're using scissors to cut your pet's nails and your pet's claws, you're getting a bit dangerous there. Cause scissors are really long or is this has a very short blade and it's curved, which is going to help you guide in and snip that nail. It's also got this led light that helps you identify the key pillars and the veins or the blood vessel, which is not really what you want to cut. If a cat is definitely going to be this. So the price is $18 and 2 cents. The cost is $15.23 and the  profit is $2.79. First thing that pops out of me on ali express that the price $8.45 has come down recently and the shipping is $7 and 3 cents. So if we look at our competitor's website, they are saying you're only going to get that free shipping on orders over 39.99, which makes complete sense. So journey online or our case study for today, really like this website, they've taken the accents of the product, which has curves and they've applied it to all their buttons, which makes it super slick. It's also simple and elegant with product photo and one or two sentence explaining what's being shown. So if the pet nail Clippers, do you want to be targeting to people with pets also, maybe cats. Cause it seems that cats have their nails trimmed more often. Do they? I don't know. That's probably gonna mean that they're a little bit older than me. So maybe like 26, 27 and they probably already have a cat or a dog.

So those are our five winning products for August. Hope you take on these tips and tricks that I've shared and that you are successful in drop shipping. Please hit us up in the comments, subscribe, and stay tuned for more tutorials in the future. Good luck out there and have a good day.

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