Business Tutorials 12m 9s 27 Dec 2020

6 Mistakes to Avoid in Dropshipping


Today we will go over a few dropshipping mistakes that 99% of the Shopify store owners make. If you are a beginner and looking to start your dropshipping business, these tips can be crucial before you set up your Shopify store in 2021. Avoid these 6 dropshipping mistakes so you don’t lose money in 2021. 



0:00 Intro 

1:25 Mistake #1 Not having enough budget to start your business 

3:49 Mistake #2 Expecting to get the result within 24hrs of using Facebook ads

4:49 Mistake #3 Spending too much time on the perfect website 

8:15 Mistake #4 Not putting away enough time to find an unsaturated product 

9:48 Mistake #5 Not Understanding that the most important part of your marketing is the creative 

10:39 Mistake #6 Not Understanding their audience