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7 Things That Will Make You 15 Million Dollars

icon-calendar 2021-12-22 | icon-Play 13m 46s | icon-user Debutify CORP

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There's a line in the finance industry that goes, everything you need to know about investing can fit on an index card. We're breaking down those things and by the end of this video you'll make $15 million.

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00:00 Intro

00:43 How To Avoid High Interest Debt

01:57 Difference Between A Shareholder And A Stakeholder

04:24 Keep Within Your Average Means

05:50 Save Up Money To Have 3-6 Months Of Emergency Money

07:25 Avoid Insurance For Expenses That You Can Afford

08:43 Reduce Your Taxable Income

09:18 Compound Interest

11:02 Investing

13:15 Outro


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