Business Tutorials 11m 51s 08 Dec 2021

Everything You Need To Know About Brands


When I got into drop shipping my first thought was this whole thing is a scam, my opinion on that has developed, the fulfilment method of drop-shipping can work, but my gut feeling wasn’t incorrect. The promise of getting rich quick is clearly a scam, that you can sell unmarked products from China to people in the USA or Europe and become a millionaire is just insane. Why would a customer pick this unknown, unmarked product over this tried and tested branded one. 


Well you just wouldn’t, if we look at brands, they have exponentially more sales, are more trustworthy, last longer than drop shippers, can charge more for their products or services because a brand has more of a "mission" or "purpose". So the question is, do you want to learn how to make one? 



00:00 Intro

01:04 What Is Branding

01:58 Overview Of Brands

02:34 Brand Values

03:16 Elevator Pitch

03:30 Brand Attributes And Benefits

03:54 Logline

04:08 Brand Drivers

04:53 Brand Building

06:09 How To Express The Brand

07:38 7 Different Categories Of Names

08:19 Brand Logo

08:55 Different Types Of Logos

09:25 Funnel

11:26 Outro