Google ads 25m 26s 22 Oct 2021

Google Ads Explained


In today’s video, we’re going to do a tutorial about Google Ads. We will talk about different ways of advertising on Google, what matches and bids are, how to build out a Google campaign, how to use negative keywords, and how to set up conversion tracking. 


Google Ads Explained Slides



00:00 Intro

00:57 Google Ads Overview

01:18 PPC (Pay Per Click)

02:07 CTR (Click Through Rate)

02:19 How To Figure Out CTR?

02:38 Three Options For Bids

02:41 CPC (Cost Per Click)

02:47 CPM (Cost Per Milli)

02:55 CPE (Cost Per Engagement)

03:10 Google Quality Score

03:54 How To Manage Google Quality Score

04:26 Bounce Rates

04:48 Three Factors That Impact Ad Rank

05:24 How To Rank On Google

05:27 Blogging

05:50 How Does Google Auction Work?

05:54 Main Bids For E-commerce

07:46 Bidding Strategies Example (Fern City)

09:20 Why Would You Want To Advertise On Google Ads

11:48 Type Of Ads You Can Run On Google

11:53 Display Ads

12:24 Video Ads

12:32 Shopping Ads

13:08 Responsive Display Ads

13:29 Call Only Ads

13:42 How To Build Google Campaign

18:51 Few Tips When Making An Ad

20:04 Keywords

20:13 Keyword Planner

20:27 Matches

21:33 Negative Keywords

21:52 Where To Find Good Negative Keywords To Use

22:21 How Much Should You Spend Per Day?

23:43 Conversion Tracking

25:01 Outro