Facebook ads 7m 17 Sep 2020

Here's a Cheap Facebook Ads Spy Tool


Today we are going to teach you a simple, cheap and super effective way to do product research. This Facebook Spy tool will help you to find the best Shopify products you can sell right now! Also check out Quartz here: https://bit.ly/3hWxDid  

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0:00 Intro 

0:22 Look at the news

0:47 Drop Point Dashboard 

1:23 Get Organized 

1:35 Drop Point Product Search 

3:52 Look at the Comment On Other People's Ads

4:05 Find A Way To Develop A Product 

4:44 Find Pages On Facebook that are in this Niche

5:18 Facebook Rewards Organic Reach Post That Promote Discussion 

5:30 Facebook Will Downrank Post that are Tag or Comment Baiting 

5:45 Facebook Is Can Reward You