Business Tutorials 7m 18s 24 Apr 2023

How To Add Reviews On Shopify (And How To Collect And Manage Product Reviews)


In today's video, we're going to share with you why you need reviews, how to add reviews on shopify, and different ways on how to collect and manage these reviews on your store.

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00:00 Intro

00:30 Importance Of Reviews For Your Shopify Store

00:36 #1 Product Reviews Can Build Trust

01:19 #2 You Can Encourage More Customers To Leave Reviews

01:35 #3 Product Reviews Can Increase Your Sales

02:10 How To Add Reviews On Shopify

02:42 7 Ways To Collect And Manage Reviews On Your Shopify Store

02:56 #1 Allow Them To Upload Product Photos

03:23 #2 Ask Your Target Customers For Reviews Via Email

04:02 #3 Add Incentives When They Leave Reviews

04:26 #4 Another way to get more reviews is to Import Your Product Reviews

05:05 #5 Reply To The Product Reviews

05:50 #6 Deal With Negative Reviews In A Nice Way

06:26 #7 Showcase Your Reviews On Social Media

06:56 Outro



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