Business Tutorials 29m 27s 25 Feb 2021

How to Build a Following on Instagram


Growing my following on Instagram over a week was certainly a challenge, but the strategies I'm sharing with you today will give you the absolute best chance of success. Using Instagram for your business is worth the time, as it allows you to share your products and values; take time each day to comment, add stories and interact with followers. As long as you're consistent, you're page and your business will grow. 


Fern City Instagram Account:

Later Website:



1:10 Strategy #1 Commenting on the accounts 

2:44 Dashboard 

8:19 Strategy #2 Follow 200 to 300 New Accounts 

9:24 Strategy #3: Make An Engaging Story 

12:25 Strategy #4: Comment and Like 

16:55 Strategy #5: Add Stories every day