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How To Master Email Marketing

icon-calendar 2022-02-26 | icon-Play 15m 11s | icon-user Debutify CORP

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In today’s video, we talked about email marketing. Email Marketing is important to any ecommerce business. It allows you to build and establish direct relationships with your customers and is one of the ideal way to drive more sales and boost traffic. #debutify #emailmarketing


00:00 Intro

00:36 Laws And Rules

01:15 Writing An Email

01:25 AIDA Formula

03:00 Good And Bad Email Examples

08:44 3 Different Types Of Emails

08:46 Transactional Email

08:52 Content Email

08:58 Conversion Email

09:51 How To Build Email List

10:49 How To Get The Most Out Of Your Email List

12:27 Broadcast And Automated Email

13:24 4 Main Components To The Funnel

13:52 Over-delivering

14:34 Batch-work

14:44 Outro


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