Business Tutorials 17m 3s 13 Jan 2021

Loox Reviews Tutorial


Ecommerce success is all about upgrading with time, Which includes boosting your social proof on your Shopify store. In this video, I will walk you through the best Shopify product review app Loox. We will learn about how to import reviews in Loox, how to build customer trust, how to craft a remarketing email and some good examples of best practices. This is a simple and proven way to boost your online store's conversions. 



0:00 Intro 

1:11 Loox Dashboard 

2:33 Facebook Ads

3:23 Build A Brand  

4:11 Shopify Dashbboard 

7:11 Find Promotion Messages 

8:48 Hex Triplet 

9:08 Example of Loox Reviews 

10:07 Aliexpress Dashboard

11:51 Bonus Section Oberlo