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Psychology of Affiliate Marketing

icon-calendar 2022-02-09 | icon-Play 9m 30s | icon-user Debutify CORP

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In today’s video, we’re gonna talk about the importance of affiliate marketing, an advertising model which involves people referring a product or a service by sharing it on their social media platforms, blogs, or their website.


Building out a small dedicated team of marketers who will advocate for your brand provides a bonus customer stream for you and even if these marketers fall short and don't get the conversion you desire, they’re still bringing in brand awareness. They can help you understand your brand more and help you see it from a different perspective.


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00:00 Intro

00:56 Two Ways To Find Economic Value

01:57 How Does All Of This Work?

02:13 Affiliate Marketing Forms

02:20 Affiliate Marketing Examples

03:43 Implement Kaizen

03:52 Track The Best And Worst AM’s In The System

03:57 Segment Your Affiliates

04:27 Shopify Metrics And Google Analytics

04:40 Have A Brand Kit

05:18 Choose AM’s Who Are Passionate About Your Niche

05:22 System Justification

06:37 Recruit Customers To Your AM Program

07:25 Offering Wholesale

09:05 Outro


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