Business Tutorials 20m 45s 28 Jan 2021

Reviewing Student Shopify Dropshipping Stores 2021


Making your own business is not easy as it looks, you must stand out to a lot of people who are also selling the same products that you have. You need to have good quality pictures, create a good description for your store, handle customer reviews and niche for your shop, these are the things you must be able to do for you to create a reliable store that people can always go to. thing 

In this video, I gave my honest-to-goodness review of our subscriber’s stores. Yes, we all have that one moment that we make mistakes and that’s part of the learning process always remember that experience is the best teacher.



- 0:00 Intro

- 1:54 Export image into a higher quality 

- 5:04 Put something that is in lined with your brand. 

- 5:28 Keep your discount under 20%

- 7:03 Cut down your product. 

- 8:37 Put “About Us” page on top.  

- 9:53 Remove the “Customer Review Tab” if there is no review. 

- 10:48 Make sure to fix your website link to avoid confusion. 

- 12:36 Remove unnecessary product title.

- 13:45 Put a call to action after the product copy.

- 14:03 Create a proper niche store.

- 19:32 Stand out, make your brand personable.