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SEO Fundamentals and Link Building with James Evered

icon-calendar 2021-12-15 | icon-Play 20m 56s | icon-user Debutify CORP

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In today’s video, we got in touch with James Evered, former Digital Marketer at 82 days Hotel Group and now founder of Liberte Market Garden. We talked about excellent strategies for getting linked to on your website and a general overview of SEO.

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00:00 Intro

00:40 What is SEO?

02:02 Tips For Improving Page Speed

02:15 Technical/Content SEO

03:26 SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

04:06 Backlinks

04:22 Three C’s of Search Intent

05:49 Web of Content

07:34 Page Rank

08:44 How Does One Get Links?

12:01 SEO

13:50 Pareto Rule

17:11 Final Thoughts On Link Building

20:31 Outro


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