Business Tutorials 9m 45s 22 Mar 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Effective Customer Testimonials: 12 Questions You Need To Ask


88% of buyers trust testimonials and see them as motivating as trusted personal recommendations. And when you have high-quality customer testimonials, you show potential customers your brand's value, inspire trust, and establish your credibility.


In today's video, we are sharing with you 12 impactful questions you need to ask for effective customer testimonials.

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00:00 Intro

02:18 Question #1 - What Is Your Name, Title, And Workplace?

03:00 Question #2 -  When Did You First Discover Our Product Or Service?

03:49 Question #3 -  How Did You Discover Our Product Or Service?

04:16 Question #4 - What Was Your Experience Before You used Our Product Or Service?

04:44 Question #5 - What Results Were You Looking For When You Chose Our Product Or Service?

05:18 Question #6 - Why Did You Choose Our Product Or Service Over Other Brands?

05:52 Question #7 - What Is Your Favorite Feature About Our Product Or Service?

06:18 Question #8 - Are There Any Unexpected Curveballs You Experienced? What Did You Do To Overcome It?

06:58 Question #9 - What Is The Feature That Exceeded Your Expectations?

07:20 Question #10 - What Are The Benefits You Were Able To Achieve From Using Our Product Or Service?

08:00 Question #11 - How Was Our Brand Better Than Others You Have Tried?

08:20 Question #12 - How Was Your Overall Experience With Our Business/Brand?

08:51 BONUS: Is There Anything You Would Like To Add?

09:04 Outro



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