Facebook ads 17m 26s 28 Apr 2021

Things to Avoid with Facebook Ads


In today’s video, we are going to look into ways you can do to avoid getting your facebook ad account banned and suspended, so you could successfully run your campaign and grow your business.


Things To Avoid With Facebook Ads Slides



Facebook Community Standards



Social Media Policy Examples




00:00 Intro

01:02 Avoid Getting Repeated Declined Payments

01:24 Follow Facebook’s Community Standards Guideline

01:51 Page Quality Score

02:09 Avoid Using Spammy And Sketchy Content

02:36 Social Media Policy Examples

03:14 Avoid Getting A Low Quality Ranking Score On Your Facebook And Instagram Ads

03:43 Avoid Using Clickbaits

03:46 Avoid using Too Much Text Over An Image

04:36 Consistent Brand Voice Style

05:19 Avoid A Poor-Quality Landing Page

05:42 Have A Legal Page

05:50 Be Accurate And Avoid Misleading Content

06:02 Use The Facebook Debugging Tool

06:41 Avoid Certain Phrases Like “Are You?” “Do You?”

06:50 Avoid Using Before And After Images

07:49 Avoid Directly Targeting Certain People

08:42 Facebook Hates Bots

09:14 Avoid Getting Tagged As A Bot By Facebook

10:44 There Are Certain Products On Facebook That You Can’t Sell

11:11 Read The Facebook Ad Policy

11:21 Blueprint For Ecommerce

12:21 Don’t Use Facebook While Traveling

12:40 Be Careful With Your Daily Ad Spend

12:05 Avoid Using Trigger Words

13:41 Create Different Business Manager Accounts For Different Ads

14:28 Facebook Debugging Tool

15:08 Bonus Tip # 1 - Verify Your Business

15:40 Bonus Tip # 2 - Verify Your Domain Name

15:54 Bonus Tip # 3 - Never Direct Links To Affiliate Programs

16:05 Bonus Tip # 4 - Avoid Using Trigger Words

16:20 Double Check Facebook Terms Of Service

16:27 Bonus Tip # 5 - Make Sure Your Image And Videos Are Original

17:00 Outro