Business Tutorials 17m 34s 11 Dec 2020

Top 20 WINNING Products For Christmas ( December - Q4)


In this video, we will have a look at some good old winning products for Q4 (4th quarter of the year 2020). Here we will talk about why these products are successful, their profits, margins, and how to make money with Shopify stores. if you love these picks then do not forget to subscribe & smash the like button!



0:00 Intro

1:06 Product #1 Capsulone 

2:00 Product #2 Active Rolling Ball 

2:35 Product #3 Universal Quick Dry Non-Slip Sandals 

3:22 Product #4 Cold Proof Touchscreen Gloves 

4:06 Product #5 Magic Draw Robot 

5:14 Product #6 Winter Outdoor Heated Vest 

6:05 Product #7 UFO Drone 

6:48 Product #8 EMS Electric Foot Massager 

7:20 Product #9 Micro Precision Trimmer 

8:14 Product #10 Warm Cat Sleeping Bag 

9:00 Product #11 LED Rose

9:39 Product #12 Anti-fungal Home Treatment Set 

10:34 Product #13 Portable Mini Sealing Machine 

11:12 Product #14 Touch Activated Night Light 

12:13 Product #15 USB Portable Washing Machine 

13:06 Product #16 Stainless Steel Deep Frying Pot 

14:27 Product #17 Garlic Press

14:51 Product #18 Galaxy LED Light 

15:41 Product #19 Touchless Soap Dispenser 

16:17 Product #20 LED Drawing Kit



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