Business Tutorials 19m 12s 31 Jan 2021

Viral Launch Tutorial | Product Research


Untapped products are an opportunity to gain a unique edge over the competition. These are products that few, if any, are selling. Product research is necessary to understand your customer's needs, but you also need that valuable information fast, these products don't stay unknown forever. 


With Viral Launch, the product research tool, you'll be able to determine what to sell, what are its sales patterns, market share and so much more.



0:00 Intro

1:06 Analysis Tools

1:44 Start Your Account

2:29 Viral Launch Dashboard

2:52 Keyword Search Tutorial

4:32 Saturated Product Warning

5:15 Brand Search Tutorial

7:21 Market Intelligence Tutorial

12:55 Your Philosophy and Technicalities

 15:09 Market Share 



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