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15 Aug 2022

10 Best eCommerce Podcasts You Should Listen To Enhance Your eCommerce Knowledge

10 Best eCommerce Podcasts You Should Listen To Enhance Your eCommerce Knowledge

Expanding your business and eCommerce knowledge has never become easier!

You want to improve your skills to bring in more customers as a business owner.

You need to learn something new to enhance your strategies and business.

But sometimes, you don't have the time to sit down, grab your notebook, and take or watch video courses.

The good news is... you can listen to podcasts!

Whether you're driving, chilling, or working... you can play a podcast in the background when doing these things.

And to add to that, there are a lot of great eCommerce podcasts to listen to... which we'll get into later.

But to give you a glimpse of this blog, here are the things we'll talk about:

  • What's a podcast?
  • Three important benefits of listening to podcasts for your eCommerce store.
  • Ten best and most insightful podcasts you should listen to.

First, let's discuss...


What's a podcast?


A podcast is an audio program where hosts talk about specific topics. A podcast is similar to radio programs. But they're pre-recorded and edited before uploading to the internet.

The podcast industry is booming, with around 2,000,000 podcasts active in 2021!

Also, over 160 million in the United States have listened to podcasts.

It's not surprising that podcast is an entertaining way of learning.

The different types of podcasts are:

  • Conversational. Where hosts casually talk about a topic.
  • Interview. Hosts can invite experts or other relevant people to talk about their niche.
  • Educational. Hosts will teach listeners about their niche.
  • Storytelling. Some podcasts narrate or summarize stories, like true crimes and books.

Now, what are the...


Benefits of listening to podcasts

Benefits of Listening to Podcasts

First, listening to podcasts is...


1. Convenient

You don't have to set aside some time to sit in front of your desk and study.

You can just go to Apple Podcast or Spotify, search for a podcast, then listen to it.

Podcasts can help you learn without having to sacrifice another critical task.

You can also...


2. Get insights from industry experts

Who doesn't want practical eCommerce tips, right?

Podcasts can give them to you! Most podcasts conduct interviews with experts to talk about a particular topic.

For example, the topic is social media marketing.

The podcast hosts will invite brand owners who did a thriving business through social media. Sometimes, they will ask social media marketers.

And another benefit is you can...


3. Learn how podcasts work

A podcast is another form of content marketing.

Most of these podcasts aren't just podcasts. They have products and other businesses they run alongside podcasts.

But podcasts help them build brand awareness and connections, and they can position themselves as experts in the industry.

By listening to podcasts, you can analyze why and how they work.

Who knows? You might launch your own podcast in the future, too.

Now, if you want to learn more about eCommerce, digital marketing, and more...

Here are...


10 eCommerce Podcasts You Should Listen To

See? It's easy to learn new things now that will help improve your eCommerce business.


1. My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast

You guessed it right. This is for business owners who quit their job.

My Wife Quit Her Job is a podcast for employees-turned-entrepreneurs to learn more about running a successful business.

But what makes My Wife Quit Her Job one of the best eCommerce podcasts is the host, Steve, makes sure to dig deeper and know every detail.

This is the perfect podcast for risk-takers who quit their job to start a business.

Speaking of which...


2. Future Commerce Podcast

Future Commerce is an eCommerce podcast for risk-takers. It's made for DTC brands, retail, eCommerce businesses, and more.

As the name states, the podcast hosts Phillip Jackson and Brian Lange, talk about the future of commerce.

The topics include all things digital that you can use to apply to your online business, like social media marketing.

Future Commerce's latest episode, "Content isn't community," talks about the creator economy.

The next one is...


3. The eCommerce Influence Podcast

This is one of the best eCommerce podcasts because it gives you a wide range of topics to listen to.

Hosted by Austin Brawner, the podcast aims to help eCommerce store owners build wealth by sharing tips and interviews about running their online stores.

The topics that this podcast usually covers are social media marketing and organic traffic... avoiding entrepreneurial burnout, business strategies, and more.

The next podcast you shouldn't miss out on is...


4. Shopify Masters

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur? This is for you.

Shopify Masters is an eCommerce podcast made for Shopify store owners.

But it doesn't mean you won't learn anything from it if your eCommerce platform is not Shopify.

The great thing about the Shopify Masters podcast is they give a spotlight to case studies.

They have multiple podcast interviews. They feature business owners who struggled at first, turning their businesses into 7 to 8 figures.

These are important stories to listen to because you will get practical and actionable tips. Some of them even share the mistakes they made when starting a business.

One of their latest episodes is "How to find the right supplier for your business." This is perfect if you're at the early stage of your business or looking to expand your choices.

Another eCommerce podcast you need to listen to is...


5. The Jason & Scot Show

The Jason & Scot Show is the ideal podcast for staying on top of the industry news.

As an eCommerce business owner, you understand the digital landscape is fast-paced. And this podcast gives you up-to-date news and trends about the eCommerce industry and digital shopper marketing.

Jason Goldberg is Publicis' Chief Commerce Strategy Officer. While Scot Wingo is the CEO of GetSpiffy and the Founder of Channel Advisor.

So, with their outstanding experiences in eCommerce... it's no surprise that Jason and Scot are the right people to give you the latest trends.

Not to mention their meaningful exchange of comments about the topic... which makes the podcast more interesting.

If you want to learn fast...


6. 2x eCommerce

Do you want to know the secrets of fast-growing 7-8 figure online business owners? No need to look further.

2x eCommerce is a podcast by eCommerce Growth Advisor Kunle Campbell.

The podcast talks about growing your eCommerce store and increasing your customer acquisition.

The best part is Kunle invites skilled entrepreneurs to talk about their experiences in eCommerce... such as Josh Elizetxe, Founder of SNOW Teeth Whitening.

Another eCommerce podcast that will help you learn faster is...


7. eCommerce Masterplan Podcast

Looking for ways to grow your eCommerce brand? eCommerce MasterPlan can be your best friend.

eCommerce MasterPlan is one of the best eCommerce podcasts because it covers many topics. From customer acquisition to customer retention, the host, Chloe Thomas, got you!

Their latest episode with Ekster Wallets' Olivier Momma, they tackled building an 8-figure business while making an impact on the planet.

The next eCommerce podcast you should listen to is...


8. Women In Retail Talks

Women In Retail is another great podcast for business owners.

Aside from sharing practical and actional business, eCommerce, and marketing tips... they also talk about personal and professional development.

The latest podcast is "How Urban Zen CEO Helen Aboah Leads Innovative Teams Without Fear of Failure." It talks about leadership and knowing how to handle fear.

There was also an episode that talked about inclusive leadership. That is very important in today's world.

Here's another podcast you should listen to...


9. DTC Pod

If you're a DTC eCommerce brand, this is the perfect podcast for you!

DTC Pod is a podcast by This podcast covers relevant topics about DTC business models. From starting a business, creating digital marketing strategies, and optimizing your eCommerce store.

They invite successful eCommerce business owners... like Jason Wong, Founder of Doe Lashes, and Matt Lanter, Co-Founder of OpenStore, to talk about their expertise and experiences.

Some topics they covered with entrepreneurs are using Web3 to build a brand, building a buzz, and going viral on TikTok.

And last but not least...


10. Debutify Podcast

Debutify Podcast is a podcast for eCommerce business owners. The podcast host is Connor Curlewis.

Since Debutify is a Shopify theme for eCommerce stores, the podcast talks about all things eCommerce.

The podcast invites CEOs... successful business owners... and experts to talk about the hurdles and tips on running an online business.

This podcast is really valuable for eCommerce entrepreneurs. Because the podcast touches on digital marketing, setting up and running a business, and entrepreneurial journey.

Are you ready to upskill?


Listen to these podcasts and learn while you're on the go!

These podcasts cover many topics to help you learn more about your business.

For sure, you will learn something new because these podcasts have different strengths they focus on.

It will teach you about the latest digital marketing and eCommerce trends, and you can also observe how they do it. So, it will be easier if you ever plan on launching your brand's podcast.

But if you have more time to upskill and want to sit in front of your desk, you can watch and learn from...


YouTube channels that will help grow your eCommerce store!

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