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01 Jul 2022

10 Ways To Build eCommerce Brand Loyalty With Customer Reviews

10 Ways To Build eCommerce Brand Loyalty With Customer Reviews

Whenever we talk about customer loyalty, my mind always goes back to what former NY Times president and CEO Janet Robinson said...  

You can bribe repeat business. But you have to earn loyalty.

Yep, you have to work for your customers' willingness to go back to you for future purchases.

They should not consider any other option but your business.

As you know by now, most shoppers want to directly shop from businesses they are loyal to.

And that's how you thrive and sustain brand growth!


Here's one thing you might not know...

You have an important feature in your eCommerce site that you can use to build brand loyalty...

Spoiler Alert: It's your online reviews!

You might wonder what customer reviews have to do with building customer loyalty.

Well, I urge you to keep reading as you'll discover...

  • The importance of customer loyalty to your company
  • Different ways how to use reviews to build loyalty
  • Various methods on how to incorporate your customer reviews into a loyalty program

Let's begin with...


Why Is Customer Loyalty Important?

Let's face it; it's harder to convince new customers to stay and purchase on your website.

Why? Because they don't have much experience with your business.

With that said, repeat customers are more open to buying.

Let me explain more. Attaining brand loyalty from existing customers can lead to...


Higher Conversion Rates

Get this...

With new customers, you'll have an average conversion rate of 5%-20%.

You might think that's high enough.

But loyal customers can beat that! Their conversion rate can be from 60% to 70%.

That's more chances of winning!

Another thing loyal customers can bring you is...


Boost Profits

Businesses like yours need to focus on brand loyalty.

You see, a 5% increase in your retention rates can have a significant effect on your sales. Your profits can increase up to 25% to 95%.

Here's more.

Most loyal customers also spend more than new customers. The longer they are loyal to your brand, the more they are willing to purchase.

That right there gets you a higher average order value (AOV).

To reap all the benefits, you have to gain customer loyalty. And fostering brand loyalty is more than just one satisfactory customer experience.

It's about gaining their trust.

Prospective and current customers need to know that you are credible.

And your customer feedback, like reviews and ratings, is the best indicator of your trustworthiness.   

So, how will you cultivate loyalty through your website reviews?

Let's find out...


How To Improve Brand Loyalty With Customer Reviews?

How To Improve Brand Loyalty With Customer Reviews?


1. Feature Satisfied Customers

Quite simply, loyalty begets loyalty.

For example, you can use positive reviews of satisfied shoppers as a powerful marketing tool.

These positive reviews come in the form of user-generated content such as photos and other visual content.

With this crucial social proof, you can showcase customer satisfaction to different consumers.

Social media marketing is a cost-effective way to gather and show off these reviews. A good example is Yeti.

Yeti, a company specializing in outdoor products, has its branded hashtag. When customers use the hashtag #BuiltForTheWild, the company can use the user-generated content on their own.


In this particular post, they put a spotlight on a brand ambassador's feedback.

Not only does it increase clicks, but it also fosters loyalty with previous and prospective customers alike.

But what would you do when you receive negative customer reviews on your website?

It's up to you to...


2. Don't Conceal Negative Reviews

I know; the urge to just hide negative feedback is strong.

But did you know that negative reviews can be beneficial for online brands?

After all, most consumers expect transparency from the brands they purchase from. And when brands offer complete transparency... they are guaranteed their customers' loyalty.

So, customers seeing a negative review about your products or services isn't such a bad thing. It shows how transparent you are about your brand.

And surprisingly enough, hiding negative reviews may actually harm your brand.

Potential customers will be suspicious when online brands only have positive reviews on their websites. That suspicion will lead them to a third-party site where they'll find nothing but negative reviews about your brand.

That completely destroys any chance of winning their trust!

Here's what's more...

A negative review can help customers have realistic expectations. They won't feel any disappointment towards your brand.

This boosts customer experience, which in turn boosts customer loyalty.

Makes sense, does it not?

Another way of turning customer loyalty from customer reviews is...


3. Showcase Unique Value Proposition

Can you think of other online brands within your industry?

No matter your niche, competition from other companies is unavoidable.

Setting yourself apart from the crowd will give you a higher chance of winning your target audience's business. Then, their loyalty.

And your customer reviews are crucial tools for standing apart from your competitors.

For example, your reviews contain feedback about product quality or service. You can take snippets from the review and publish them on your site.

Have a look at Seek North. This Kombucha online brand features different reviews on its site, saying what a great product it sells.

Let's shift our focus back to negative feedback for a bit. One of the best tips I can say is...


4. Respond To Negative Reviews

Who would have thought that responding to negative reviews can give you a lot of opportunities, right?

Responding to them shows how much you care about your customers. This lets you create a positive brand image.

In turn, that image lets you build customer loyalty.

So, make it an effort to respond to the pain points of your customers.

Speaking of pain points...


5. Fix Reported Issues

Look at it this way...

The happier your customers are with your service, the more chances of them choosing you in the future.

When you create a more than satisfactory experience, that can lead to a positive review. It can also convert them into loyal customer for life.

Another way of nurturing loyalty through customers' reviews is...


6. Implement Changes Through Reviews

I'm sure you have already observed the pattern...

A great customer experience strengthens loyalty and can turn customers into strong brand advocates.

You can leverage your reviews to fine-tune a product or service. Listen to what your customers say about your business.

Then, make changes based on what they say about your customer support service, user experience, etc.

That's how you create an awesome experience.

Businesses acquire customer loyalty when they...


7. Encourage Feedback From Customers

Earlier, we mentioned that brand loyalty is a result of trust.

Creating open contact with customers is a good foundation for building trust.

So, make sure your site has a visible communication channel for your customers. Let them leave reviews on your product pages.

List your contact information on your home page. You can create a thread of communication through email.

You can also use social media to ask for feedback. And see to it that your social media comment sections are wide open!

Get shoppers to keep coming back with...


8. Create A Loyalty Program With Reviews

Let me say this again. Your most loyal customers are vital for you to build trust.

And the more reviews you have from loyal shoppers, the more chances you have at attracting potential customers.

So, rewarding customers for leaving reviews can actually generate more reviews. That means more brand visibility AND credibility!

Here's the point...

Make reviews the focus of your loyalty program. Your loyal customers can pile up their points for a discount or other incentives.

Consequently, you'll have more positive reviews to showcase.

The loyalty program gives you a win-win situation!

Loyalty programs are one of the aspects that can...


9. Create Brand Ambassadors From Loyal Customers

Yep, your customers are the largest weapons in your arsenal to foster loyalty.

Making them official brand ambassadors shows how much you value them, and gets them to engage more with you.

This also gives them the outlet to be an advocate for your brand. They can repost positive reviews on their own channels, leading to more leads.

Their satisfactory reviews can also be a source for your brand's promotional content material.

Last but not least...


10. Thank Your Customers For Their Reviews

Who doesn't like appreciation? No one!

Showing your gratitude makes people feel appreciated.

In the case of customers, you can win their loyalty when you show appreciation through a comment thanking them.

Don't forget to encourage them to keep doing business with you.

These tips give you a better idea of how you can leverage customer reviews to improve brand loyalty.

The ball is in your court to...


Turn Customer Reviews Into Brand Loyalty!

You know this by now... It's a give-and-take process.

Loyalty leads to more reviews, and reviews lead to more loyalty.  And the process does not have to be complicated.

It's easy as giving Debutify Reviews a try.

Powered by consumer heuristic intensification, you can effortlessly turn your customers into brand advocates.

It brings brand loyalty right into your palms because there are excellent features to help you... like giving discount codes for every review.


Encourage more customer reviews with Debutify Reviews!

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