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29 Jun 2022

12 LGBTQ+ eCommerce Brands To Support And Celebrate This Pride Month (And All-Year-Round)

12 LGBTQ+ eCommerce Brands To Support And Celebrate This Pride Month (And All-Year-Round)

Happy Pride Month!

Happy Pride Month!

It's that time of the year when we celebrate the history and accomplishments of the LGBTQ+ community.

It's a time for people to celebrate and enjoy the freedom to be themselves.

It's also a month when companies of different sizes start changing their logos to rainbow-colored formats... and anything else on their arsenal that can bear the rainbow color.

While we support their support and all allies, smart consumers ensure the proceeds businesses receive go to the right place.

They want to trust that the businesses they support also contribute to LGBTQ causes.

And the eCommerce brands we'll be talking about are prime examples of standing behind the LGBTQ community.

So, if your eCommerce brand also wants to celebrate Pride Month...

You'll learn a lot from these eCommerce brands that support LGBT and queer community.

Now listen up as we go through...

  • History of Pride Month and rainbow-washing
  • Queer-owned businesses and allies celebrating Pride Month
  • Other ways to support the LGBTQ community

Let's take a closer look...


The History Of Pride Month   

To appropriately pay homage to LGBTQ communities, let's go over its history to know its importance.

The LGBTQ community has not always been all pride parades and rainbows.

On June 28, 1969, the LGBTQ community and allies stood up against constant police harassment in New York. The movement is now known as the Stonewall Riots.

The event became a catalyst for the gay rights movement. A year later, the first gay pride parade was held.

In 1978, artist Gilbert Baker created the rainbow flag to represent each group within the LGBTQ community.

This is now known as the pride flag, made to use for Pride community events.

And that's how the Pride celebration came to fruition!

Now, there are a lot of brands with Pride collections, rainbow logos, and other Pride-themed merchandise.

But a word of warning...

Pride celebration goes beyond the month of June!

Rainbow washing, or Pink Capitalism, can be more damaging to the cause.

This happens when businesses publicly support the LGBTQ community but are privately engaging in causes that negatively impact queer people.

It's inauthentic and profiteering from the Pride movement. Brands should be consistent with the values and the messages they communicate to the public. If they are going to change their image and logo to support a cause, for instance, they need to make sure they do it for the right reasons. A logo establishes brand identity, it should represent your brand's beliefs and be handled carefully.

To learn the must-haves for your Pride campaign, here are...


LGBTQ+ eCommerce Brands That Celebrate Pride Month


1. Bianca's Design Shop

Bianca's Design Shop

Bianca's Design Shop sells enamel pins in Queens, New York.

Their products also include accessories, apparel, and gifts that represent Pride art.

Not only are they well designed, but the owner also donates product proceeds to different foundations and mutual aid funds.

For instance, half of the proceeds from their Love Knows No Gender Pin goes to an LGBTQ+ foundation every month.

This small business also showcases works from LGBTQ artists.

Gregor Lopes, a deaf, queer ASL artist, designed the I Love You in ASK Keychain. Isn't that awesome?

Gregor Lopes

Another brand you need to look out for when online shopping is...


2. Tribe Called Queer

Tribe Called Queer is a queer-owned multifunctional online shop. The founder, Sabine Maxine Lopez, is a queer BIPOC non-binary femme.

Their shop consists of gender-neutral clothing line and wellness zine.

Check out the t-shirts, tote bags, and bucket hats they have in their store. They also offer Pride Rainbow Candles and Pride 2022 Sticker Set.

Tribe Called Queer

This brand aims to affirm everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender expressions.

They also donate to organizations such as Black Lives Matter and the Emergency Release Fund.

Let's keep going with...


3. Humankind Swim

Located in Los Angeles, Humankind was founded by a queer woman who was looking for gender-inclusive swimwear.

They also aim their designs to fit any body type for real-life activities.

You can find their Pride collection on its own page. They sell swim tops, trunks, wallets, and lanyards with the Pride rainbow theme.

Humankind Swim

Moving on to...


4. Boy Smells

Boy Smells

Do you smell that?

Smells good, doesn't it? It's Boy Smells candles!

Boy Smells offers "full-bodied" fragrances and intimate clothing line that goes beyond the gender binary.

They want their products to embrace both masculinity and femininity that do not necessarily target only one gender.

That reflects well on their perfume GENDERFULâ„¢ fine fragrance.

Plus, their 2021 Pride Collection benefited The Trevor Project.

Trevor Project is one of the global LGBTQ organizations that provide crisis intervention for LGBTQ youth.

I particularly like the next one...


5. Flavnt

Flavnt is a clothing brand made by and for the LGBTQIA+ community.


All of their designs are about being comfortable in your own skin and gender expression. They also have limited-edition Pride T-shirts for 2022.

Another huge part of their shop is creating support for queer people. They have been doing fundraising since 2014 for the community.

Let's shift our focus to a brand down under...


6. Quay Australia

Quay Australia is an eyewear brand that launched its Pride collection on its social media channels.

Quay Australia

As part of their advocacy, Quay will donate 100% of the proceeds to GLSEN.

GLSEN is a non-profit organization that works to create a safe school environment for LGBTQ youth.

The following is an instant success...


7. Fluide

Fluide is queer beauty represented by the right people.


Its owner started the community-based beauty business to cover any gender identity and expressions.

Plus, their makeup products are vegan, cruelty-free, and free from parabens and formaldehyde.

That includes their Pride Galaxy Box. It's a mystery box filled with their products dedicated to Pride.

If you are looking for something adorable...


8. Plant Gay

The name just beckons you, does it not?

Plant Gay wants to provide a space for the community to shop for houseplants.

Plant Gay

They also offer cute pots, plant accessories, and merch such as a baseball cap with their logo printed.

To help the community, they donate 10% of all their sales to LGBTQ charities. This includes donating to The Trevor Project.

The next one focuses on transgender equality...


9. gc2b

Located in Maryland, gc2b is a trans-owned business that offers binding options for trans people. And it's the first garment patented for gender-affirming binding!


Since then, their collection grew to different collections of binders. For Pride, they created The Oasis Collection Pride 2022.

This collection aims for their customers to bloom into themselves.

Plus, a portion of their proceeds will go to youth-centered LGBTQ organizations!

A brand you need to take note of is...


10. Dapper Boi

Dapper Boi is an apparel line that prides itself on being gender-neutral and size-inclusive.

Dapper Boi

You see, the founders noticed how men's sizes are usually straight-cut. It does not fit the curves of women's chest and thighs.

So, their clothes are made to have room for curves. That includes button-ups, jeans, swimwear, jackets, etc.

Big businesses like the following can also teach you about collaboration...


11. Versace

Let's face it... CHER is one of the ultimate LGBTQ+ community icons. She is everything!

She teamed up with the Italian fashion house to create "Chersace."


It's a capsule collection with t-shirts, a baseball cap, and socks.

The collection will benefit Gender Spectrum, chosen by Cher and Donatella Versace. It's a charity that works for LGBTQ children.

The last one may sound familiar...


12. Trixie Cosmetics

Trixie Cosmetics is a cosmetics brand founded by Trixie Mattel, a drag queen and makeup artist. And they make it known that they are a gay company!

Trixie Cosmetics

To celebrate the "joys of homosexuality," they created this lip gloss set for Pride month.

Needless to say, their brand is all about celebrating your authentic identity.

Don't these brands all look fun and worth their customers' money?

But remember what I told you...

You have to show your support all year long!

So here are...


Diverse Ways To Support The LGBTQ Community As A Brand

I don't have to tell you that Pride is also about advocation for human rights. As an eCommerce brand, you can contribute by...

  • Supporting your LGBTQ employees. Be supportive of policies that help the community, as well as their basic rights for benefits and opportunities.
  • Aligning your core values to the community. Make sure that your brand focuses on equality and inclusivity. Create content that promotes related events and causes.
  • Donate to LGBTQ institutions and charities. Prioritize local communities that you can help. You can start a partnership with foundations to provide donations.
  • Do your research. The LGBTQIA+ community is nuanced. As an eCommerce brand owner, you have the opportunity to learn and raise awareness about the community as a whole.

So before June ends...


Let The Rainbow Flag Fly High!

I hope this list inspires you to create your own brand advocacy that benefits the LGBTQIA+ community.

One last thing... Entrepreneur Jenn Grace says that the community is not a monolithic mass. LGBTQIA+ people are unique individuals and should be treated as such.

That means there's also no definite roadmap for your brand to follow. You'll make mistakes on your journey, and learn from them.

So keep learning, and keep supporting!

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