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18 Jul 2021

12 Social Media Lead Generation Strategies To Implement For 2024

12 Social Media Lead Generation Strategies To Implement For 2024

Social media is powerful.

That's perhaps the biggest reason why 4.8 billion out of 5.18 billion internet users worldwide use social media actively - not just to interact with their family, friends, and peers but also to discover new brands and opportunities. 

So, if you're struggling to generate new leads for your online business...

It might be a perfect time to look into new avenues, such as social media. 

Interestingly, social media lead generation is already an integral element of every digital marketer's strategy - whether they know it or not. 

With social media lead generation strategies, you can find your ideal customers who are genuinely interested in your offers. 

But how does this entire process work?

This post will help you understand the essentials of social media lead generation.

And how you can create an effective lead-generation strategy using social media to attract new leads. 

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What Is A Social Media Lead?

Simply put, a lead is a piece of information people share with you on social media that you can use to follow up with them later on.

This piece of information could be anything - an email address, occupation, or any other information. 

In other words, a lead is a prospect who has shown interest in your company's products and shares some information with you to follow up with them later on. 

Amazing, right?

Now that you know what a social media lead is, let's talk about...

What Is Social Media Lead Generation?

Social media lead generation is a process undertaken on popular social media channels to collect new business leads. 

Before moving forward, you need to understand different lead types and those you need to focus on more as an online seller. 

  • New Lead: A potential customer with a little bit of background in your company's database is called a new lead. For instance, if someone has visited your website or entered their email address, you can consider them a new lead for your business. 
  • Working Lead: When a visitor signs up for your monthly newsletter or subscribes to your email list, they're called working leads. 
  • Nurturing Lead: If a visitor is not ready to invest in your offers now but shows interest in your future projects, they're called nurturing leads for your business.
  • Unqualified Lead: By definition, unqualified leads represent those people who do not show any interest in your offers. These leads are most challenging to convert as they are not interested at all in what you sell. 
  • Qualified Lead: A qualified lead refers to a visitor who's ready to turn into a paying customer. 

Social Media Statistics You Need To Know

  • More than 81% of small and medium businesses use social media channels to build awareness and generate new leads
  • According to 81% of teenagers, social media has a positive impact on their lives
  • The average social advertising spending was $90 billion in 2019
  • More than 51% of internet users watch vlogs

Now, that you know the stats, you should also know the...

Benefits Of Using Social Media For Lead Generation 2024

Businesses that do not benefit from social media lead-generation strategies will have a hard time creating brand awareness and building trust. Here are some of the many benefits of investing in a social media lead generation strategy for 2024.

Builds Trust

The biggest benefit of implementing social media lead-generation strategies for your business is that it helps you gain your ideal customers’ trust. 

When you contribute more on social channels and people start identifying you as a trusted brand, they won't mind spending their hard-earned money on your offers. 

Another benefit is that it...

Creates Brand Awareness

Social media lead-generation strategies enable you to create brand awareness.

When more and more people see your brand name, posts, and business logo on social channels, it will establish a connection between you and your client base.

Aside from that, social media lead generation strategies...

Improves Traffic

You can have more traffic on your site by posting links to your landing pages and blog posts on social channels.

Now that you know how this will be beneficial, let's learn about...

Choosing the Best Social Media Platform for Lead Generation 2024

Social media is a powerful lead-generation tool that helps businesses.

You can engage with your current customers and find potential clients.

While Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are considered the most popular social media platforms, others could be more productive and profitable when it comes to lead generation in 2024.

Here are some of our top redo's when it comes to social media platforms.


With more than 2.85 billion active users, Facebook is undeniably the biggest social media platform for generating and converting leads.

Facebook is still the undisputed King Kong of social media.

But to rise above the noise, you must create your Facebook strategies cleverly.

Why? So that you can get the most out of this channel. 

Here are a few things you can do to make your brand shine on Facebook:

  • Create a dedicated business account
  • Share links to your landing pages on Facebook
  • Share blog posts

Aside from that, you can also try using...


Twitter is another high-traffic social media platform that provides a compelling opportunity for ecommerce brands to find new customers and connect with their existing clients. 

Here are a few things you should keep in mind while optimizing the power of this incredibly active community:

  • Create short and catchy tweets (not more than 140-characters)
  • Measure your success using a conversion tracking tool
  • Fine-tune your ad reach

Another option you have is...


Instagram is another social media platform that can also act as a lead magnet for many brands. 

The famous photo and video-sharing service generates more than 100 million photos and videos daily.

Also, the audience on Instagram is more likely to engage with branded posts than any other social media channel.

Here are a few tips you must follow to generate more leads on Instagram:

  • Showcase your products through videos and images 
  • Personalize your hashtags
  • Humanize your brand
  • Share user-generated content

And last but not least...


If you're working in a B2B space, LinkedIn could be the best channel for social media lead generation.

The platform offers a wide range of tools, including LinkedIn ads and groups you can use to attract new leads and drive conversions. 

So, what do you have accounts on any of these social media platforms?

If yes, then let's proceed to the next thing you need to do.

If not yet, what are you waiting for? Explore it now!

1. Optimize Your Social Media Profile

Before you even think about creating a social media strategy for your business, make sure everything is in place. 

It is essential to optimize your social media profiles perfectly so that your potential customers can have a clear idea of how and where they should contact you on social channels.

Include your contact details and action-driven CTAs.

Also, add a link to your bio so people know where exactly they should click to proceed with the process. 

The next thing you can do is to...

2. Create Targeted Paid Ads

Brands that benefit from paid social media ads witness astounding results.


Because these ads are created to target specific audiences. 

The process begins by gathering the right data as only then you'd be able to make your paid ad social media strategy more result-driven and profitable.

Now, take a step further and create personalized offers, deals, discounts, and incentives for your targeted audience. 

This strategy can bring great value to the table when done right. 

Aside from that, you also need to...

3. Share Links To Gated Content

Content is the most integral element of your marketing funnel.

According to Hubspot, more than 65% of customers believe that content influences their buying decisions in one way or the other.

By adding links to your gated content (content that needs sign-up) on social media, you not only can generate leads but also improve your email list. 

Make sure you create premium gated content in the form of white papers, buying guides, and tutorials.

So that you can have more warm leads to convert. Isn't that great?

But, we're not stopping there, you can also...

4. Launch Referral Programs

There is nothing more powerful than word-of-mouth marketing.

Especially when it comes to social media lead generation.

Why not launch a referral program?

Encourage your visitors to share your content with others in exchange for valuable compensation or a reward. 

Don't worry! You don't really have to manage everything on your own.

There are several automated software and programs available online you can use to maintain and track information.

Next, the strategy I can recommend is to...

5. Offer Incentives

Another successful lead-generation strategy is to host contests on social media.

By running social media contests, you can gain more leads...

...engage with those who are already interested in your offers.

...and persuade visitors to share their feedback within their social circles to spread the positive word about your brand. 

You can also...

6. Host A Live Event

Live events and webinars are another proven way to attract new leads. 

By hosting such events, you can prove your expertise and gain the attention of those visitors who want to collaborate with industry leaders.

Obviously, you can set up these webinars on your official website.

But you can share the link to such events and promote them on your social media profiles. 

Not only that but you should also...

7. Measure And Improve With Analytics

Social media lead generation and analytics go hand in hand. Without knowing where your business currently stands, it would be difficult for you to make informed future decisions.

Use Google Analytics to set up goals and track your progress on the go to see which specific social media channel is contributing more to your lead generation and nurturing process.

On top of that, you should...

8. Leverage Social Media Video Marketing

Social media video marketing is a new trend that many marketers use today to lure prospects and convert them into paying customers. 

Today, you can find many brands creating and sharing exclusive video content on social media that instantly captures user's attention and encourages them to visit the official business websites to explore more.

Whether news, stories, updates, or testimonials, social media video marketing can go a long way.

Make sure you follow these steps to gain maximum benefit from your social media video marketing strategy:

  • Know your goals
  • Choose a social media platform
  • Decide on the type of video you want to create
  • Have a foolproof content creation and marketing plan in hand

You can also...

9. Personalize Your Offers

Modern customers prefer to connect with brands willing to go the extra mile to understand their needs. By personalizing your content, you can reflect the professional image of your business.

Also, it will help you convince your potential customers by demonstrating you value their preferences and opinions. 

After that, make sure you try to...

10. Connect With Social Media Influencers

By connecting with famous social media influencers working in your niche, you can capture the attention of your prospects. 

When they promote your business, many cold leads will consider giving your brand a try. In fact, word-of-mouth marketing is the only thing that could turn your unqualified leads into warm leads. 

The last thing, I recommend you to try is to...

11. Automate Your Social Media Lead Generation Process With Chatbots

Being always there when your prospects need you is one of the ways you can trigger their interest and build a positive image of your brand. 

By automating your social media lead generation process with chatbots, you can provide people with timely assistance and support, which will encourage them to look further into your offers.  

12. Build A Social Media Community

Building a social media community is a proven lead-generation strategy that will help you stay connected with your ideal audience.

When you're able to engage your prospects throughout the process, you improve your brand's visibility on social forums.

Here's how it works:

You can host contests, run non-profit campaigns, and offer deals and discounts.

And ask for feedback from your prospects to give them a voice and build a relationship with them.

Aside from interacting with your potential customers, you can also...

Over To You...

There you have it - 12 social media lead-generation strategies to implement for 2024. We have used most of these strategies and observed amazing results. 

It's your turn now.

Are you ready to take your social media lead-generation efforts to the next level in 2024? Tell us in the comments section below.

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