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08 Jul 2022

24 Impactful Questions To Ask For A Compelling Customer Testimonial

24 Impactful Questions To Ask For A Compelling Customer Testimonial

Take a look at the differences in this stellar customer feedback...

Customer TestimonialCustomer Testimonial

Both of them mentioned Debutify's Add-Ons helping them. Their approach to proving how Debutify helped their business is similar.   

Yes, eCommerce business owners appreciate both feedback to leverage for social proof...

But have you noticed how the two are written differently?  

You see, customer testimonials can be more impactful for potential customers to purchase from your business.

As you know, customer acquisition is also getting more inaccessible. Potential customers just don't easily trust marketing content these days.

However, it gets easier with online testimonials from other customers.

You see, 88% of buyers trust testimonials and see them as motivating as trusted personal recommendations.

Plus, testimonials are endorsements of recommendations, while online reviews may be critiques or a customer's experience.

And when you have high-quality customer testimonials... you show potential customers your brand's value, inspire trust, and establish your credibility.

So, how do you collect testimonials... powerful enough to convert prospective customers into paying ones?

By asking the right questions!

Let me show you...


24 Impactful Questions To Ask For Customer Testimonials

24 Impactful Questions To Ask For Customer Testimonials

The perfect testimonial questions should be sincere and tell your customer's story as theirs. It should also answer the questions of prospective customers about your business.

Let's start with the basic testimonial collection question...


1. What Is Your Name, Title, And Workplace?

Interviews can be intimidating for some people, so start easy!

Asking them easy questions like this will make them comfortable for the rest of the interview.

And when they introduce themselves, potential customers will see their experience as more personalized and genuine. It will help them connect more with the feedback.

And don't hesitate to ask for more specific details!

You can ask them why they like their company, the services they offer, etc.

Remember... You won't use every data you gather while collecting testimonials. So it's better to have more than you need.

Most businesses also want to know...


2. When Did You First Discover Our Product Or Service?

With this question, your existing customer can reinforce the truthfulness of their testimonial. It's also a good starting point for linear testimonial videos.

Your marketing team can also learn more about their strategies' effectiveness with this ask.

How so?

For instance, your customer Alex says they first heard of your product or service a couple of years ago. They decided to wait before purchasing.

At the same time, another customer, Jane, says they immediately bought your product or service as soon as they saw it.

You can ask them further questions about their buying decisions. Your sales and marketing teams can use it to analyze their campaigns.

You can segue into asking customers...


3. How Did You Discover Our Product Or Service?

How your existing customers found your business can guide other prospective customers.

It can also help you identify your conversion channels. For instance, a customer may have discovered your business through tv ads or other customers.

Knowing these will help you improve your campaign as you already know which ones are more effective.

Asking this can also lead to story snippets that can connect pieces of your video testimonial better.

Ask your customers...


4. What Was Your Experience Before You Had Our Product Or Service?

When potential clients hear about other customers' pain points, they'll want to hear more. They're hooked!

So, ask your customer to "paint a picture" about the tough time they had before purchasing your product/service.

You can expand on your testimonial questions with...


5. What Results Were You Looking For When You Chose Our Product Or Service?

Your happy customers can expand on their testimonials with this question. It can also encourage future customers to relate more, inspiring them to buy your product or service.

For instance, you sell software to a local company. Then, a local business owner says in their testimonial how your product/service increased their productivity.

The answer ties into the previous question you asked.

Another answer your target audience needs to know on your video testimonial is...


6. Why Did You Choose Our Product Or Service Over Other Brands?

Customers often compare your product/service with competitors.

The answer to this question will help you stand out and define your "it" factor. And your customers may know your product or service more than you.

They know what makes you better than any other business in your niche.

You also get a bonus with the answers you'll get! You'll know more ways to improve your business from your best customers.

Gather positive testimonials with the question...


7. What Is Your Favorite Feature About Our Product Or Service?

This is one of the crucial testimonial questions you can use. So listen carefully!

Their answer might be about different services of your business, like customer support, packaging, product quality, etc.

Their answers can give you quotes you can highlight in their testimonials.

And don't stop there!

Ask your customers about how that feature helped them. It will help future clients/customers imagine themselves using the same feature.

Testimonials don't have to be all positive, so ask...


8. Are There Any Unexpected Curveballs You Experienced? What Did You Do To Overcome It?

For video testimonials, this question can help you discover any negative part of your product/service. And that's a good thing!


Because video testimonials can show your customers' tone and facial expressions. It will show how temporary those curveballs were and how they overcame them.

Keep on your testimonial collection with the query...


9. What Is The Feature That Exceeded Your Expectations?

Before using your product or service, your current customers have assumptions. And as they use your product/service to reach their goals, they'll gain other benefits on their journey.

Besides, it's always a good idea to go above and beyond customer satisfaction.

Gathering testimonials will be easier this way, too!

Ask your repeat customers...


10. How Do You Use Our Product Or Service?

Your customers' feedback on this question can help shine a light on your business.

Yep, they can tell about the different uses of your product/service. New customers can learn more from the best tips of previous ones.

To expand on the previous question...


11. What Are The Benefits You Were Able To Achieve From Using Our Product Or Service?

This question covers your brand as a whole!

Your business may have helped your customers achieve their goals, be more productive, made their life easier, etc.

Prospect customers will want to know that they'll gain these benefits, too.

So direct your customers to be specific. It's better if they can express their benefits in numbers.

For example, they might say, "We saved 10 hours weekly," or "Thanks to their business, our customers increased by 50%."

Your customer feedback needs to explain...


12. How Was Our Brand Better Than Others You Have Tried?

New customers may have had bad experiences before. They would want to know what differentiates your product or service from other brands.

This way, you can help diminish their doubts about their purchase.

Up next...


13. On A Scale Of 1-10, How Likely Are You To Recommend Our Product To A Friend, Family, Or Colleague?

This Net Promoter Score question can give you a quantifiable measurement of your customer's satisfaction.

It's also a good question for written testimonial surveys.

You can get good feedback with...


14. What Would You Tell To Someone When You Recommend Our Product Or Service?

Great testimonials are meant to get new customers.

This question makes your previous customers advise them during their purchase. Their advice will help you convert them easily.

Make sure your testimonial collection includes...


15. What Surprised You About Our Product Or Service?

Do you want to know how your customers perceive your business? Ask this one!

What's more, this can lead them to tell positive stories.

For instance, a customer bought your product/service just to use for a few days. But now, they use it every day.

That detail is a great addition to any testimonial.

Keep your testimonial questions simple with...


16. How Often Do You Use Our Product Or Service?

This will let you know more information about repeat customers.

They might say how they use your product every day because of its durability. Do you see how it leads to more positive stories about your business?

Let's move on to...


17. How Long Have You Been Using Our Product Or Service?

Most testimonials you'll get are from long-time customers.

Once they tell how loyal they are to your business, potential customers will know that you invest in lasting relationships.

To get a raving testimonial, ask...


18. How Would You Describe Our Business?

You can further highlight positive customer experience with this.

Satisfied customers will answer with positive phrases, such as "life-changing" or "one of a kind."

That's a punchy soundbite right there!

Another way you can phrase this to get the same testimonial is...


19. What's One Word You Would Use To Describe Your Experience With Our Brand?

One-word answers may be short. But it lets your customers think deeply about the word they want to use.

And those words speak volumes to potential customers.

It will also let you know what makes your business stand out.

If you want to delve deeper...


20. What Was Your Purchasing Experience Like?

This question will help your business know more about your customer journey.

Your customer's seamless experience can also be an advantage that prospective customers are looking for.

Testimonial questions can further help your business with the query...


21. If Any, What Are The Hesitations You Had While Buying From Our Business?

As a business owner, you want to know if there are any snags on your sales funnel.

This question can help you smoothen any problems on your eCommerce site. This may include lacking social proof on your site, checkout process lags, etc.

Keep asking with...


22. Was Our Product Or Service Worth Your Money?

You can highlight their response on your website.

For instance, a customer may say that they use your product all the time and it was worth the investment.

That's a valuable testimonial quote you can display on your home page.

Let's keep moving...


23. How Was Your Overall Experience With Our Business/Brand?

Sometimes, your customers may only answer with a few words or even one-word replies.

This question will let them answer freely, and give them a chance to describe more benefits.

It also focuses on user experience that can improve the brand image as a whole.

One final question...


24. Is There Anything You Would Like To Add?

You can end the interview or survey with this question. It encourages an open dialogue for additional comments.

It also lets customers tell their genuine feedback.

And these are the questions to...


Create A Powerful Testimonial To Convert More Leads!

All of these testimonial questions are meant to highlight the quality of your product.

So be patient when asking your customers! It may take a few moments or even an hour... But let them tell their stories about how your business positively impacted their lives.

And other customers will surely notice, too.

To build on and support your testimonials, make sure to leverage different social proofs... like your online reviews!

Take advantage of Debutify Reviews!

Let your customers sell for you. It can let you build strong customer relationships by managing and collecting reviews for you.


Shine a spotlight on your customer testimonials with Debutify Reviews!

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