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01 Mar 2022

3 Fatal Ecommerce Mistakes That Could Kill Your Brand

3 Fatal Ecommerce Mistakes That Could Kill Your Brand

Plus: The One Thing Your Ecommerce Business Needs to Thrive and Survive

[A staggering 70% of consumers abandon their carts before checkout, causing ecommerce brands to lose $18 billion in sales revenue.]


  • 3 primary reasons why customers leave your website.
  • Why having more traffic doesn't always boost your sales.
  • Why using apps can drive away potential customers.


The vast majority of ecommerce startups are bound to fail. 

In a collaborative research project completed by Forbes, Huffington Post, and Marketing Signals, they revealed that 90% of online business or ecommerce startups fail within their first 120 days.

That's a pretty abysmal statistic, isn't it? But it's the brutal truth.

Building an ecommerce business (or any business) has no guarantee of success.

Failure is always a possibility in any online business.

In fact, even large companies may fail in their new business ventures.

Don't believe me?

Here's proof.

Remember Katerra Inc.?

After 6 years of operation, the most highly funded and valued startup in the construction tech space shut down.

Katerra Inc.'s downfall wiped out nearly $3 billion of investor money and had to let go of thousands of employees.

But I'm not here to discourage you.

Rather, I'm here to remind you that failure isn't the only option.

If you do things right, you can become one of the 10% who made it big online.

The good news is... there's a lot we can learn from failure and success.

Knowing the common pitfalls that have caused 9 out of 10 startups to fail can increase your chances of success.

Here are three of the biggest ecommerce mistakes you need to avoid.


Fatal Ecommerce Mistake #1: Poor web design

Picture this...

You ran ads to drive traffic to your site.

But once they land on your website, the unthinkable happens.

Rather than gaining the trust of potential customers and convincing them to buy, your site scared them away.

The reason?

Well, you guessed it: poor web design.

You see, it only takes shoppers a second or two to form an opinion about your business.

If they think your website looks trustworthy, they'll continue browsing it.

If not, they'll leave.

Garish colors, oversized images, and multiple blocks of unreadable texts... all these can make your site look unprofessional and untrustworthy.

If your site looks shady, I wouldn't be surprised why your conversion rates suck.

You can also check out the common paid advertising mistakes that are killing your ROI.


Fatal Ecommerce Mistake #2: Not optimizing the website for conversion

Most businesses focus their resources on driving traffic to their stores.

The problem is that they're not making enough sales.

If you're having the same issue, your website might be causing the problem.

Perhaps customers are having difficulty navigating your site and can't find what they were looking for.

Maybe your product page isn't optimized.

Or your checkout process is too long and complicated; it caused them to leave.

Unless you solve these problems, you'll lose customers.

Worse, your competitors will gladly eat your market share.


Fatal Ecommerce Mistake #3: Installing too many apps

Shopify Apps are a great way to add different features and functionality to your ecommerce platform.

But having too many apps can slow down your store.

You see, each app you install will need to load its own resources to function well.

The more complex the app is, the larger the files will be.

And as they add up, it can lead to a longer loading time.

As you probably know, slow loading time is the primary reason customers leave a site.

In a study that was conducted by Google, they revealed that more than 53% of shoppers will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Unfortunately, this could cost you sales.

Here's the thing...

Customers are the lifeblood of your business.

Without customers, there is no business.

So if you want to succeed in the ecommerce world, you need to find a way to keep them from leaving your site.

The good news is, there's a simple way to do that.

Not by spending tens of thousands of dollars on your website.

Not by giving out discount vouchers week after week.

Not by asking celebrities and influencers to promote your products.

Believe it or not, the solution to this problem is much simpler than you think.

Here's the first step to creating a thriving e-commerce enterprise.


A Smart Theme That Can Give You the Best Possible Chance of Success in This Competitive Industry


Some people think that building an ecommerce business is as easy as creating a website, getting their own domain, and adding products to their website.

They think brand owners would just work when they feel like it and still make a good living.

This is probably the reason why a lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon.

Over the years, I've seen a lot of unhappy employees quitting their jobs and starting their ecommerce businesses with no preparation and no knowledge of what they're doing.

Obviously, these people are set up for failure, and they're not even aware of it.

But here's the critical part...

Even these clueless entrepreneurs — those who started their ecommerce business on a whim, with no marketing plan in place — have seemed to have found success in this competitive industry.

That means you can build a successful ecommerce business:

  • Even if you have no business background
  • Even if you have zero coding knowledge
  • Even if you haven't sold a single product online

This smart theme is simple, powerful, and incredibly effective in building a successful online store.

With this theme, you can create a visually appealing and professional-looking site quickly and easily.

In fact, it allows you to design your site in a way that resonates with your brand...

And you don't even need to hire a web developer to work on your ecommerce platform and achieve that.

Even better, it addresses the fatal ecommerce mistakes listed above.

For example:

  • One Parlance Protocol: The theme comes with a collection of 50+ fully optimized apps in one complete package. That means you'll have all the functionalities you need without slowing down your store. You no longer have to deal with integration issues either.
  • Consumer Heuristic Intensification: The theme uses principles of neuromarketing that tap deep into the human mind and intensify the desire to buy. The Add-Ons are so powerful, that they can turn more visitors into customers without you lifting a finger.
  • The Pitstop: You can't make it to the top without a crew that can fix you up and get you back on track. In case you encounter problems along the way, simply head over to the pitstop, and you'll get fast and efficient support.

All these features can only be found on Debutify, not anywhere else.

The primary goal of this theme is to help brand owners create a Shopify store that doesn't just look great but also wins more customers.

Once you download Debutify, you'll be able to:

  • Build your store exactly the way you envision it
  • Increase your conversion rate with our built-in Add-Ons
  • Make maximum revenue with every visitor
  • Enjoy lightning-quick load speed so customers can see your products without delays

And that's just the beginning...

  • You'll get non-stop UX optimizations to give you and your customers a seamless experience.
  • You'll also learn some foolproof tactics to grow your business online.


The One Theme to Rule Them All


A word of warning...

Debutify is unlike any other theme you've tried…

As you try it yourself, I guarantee that all other Shopify themes will seem weak and lacking by comparison.

The features and crazy amounts of add-ons may seem overwhelming at first...

But as you go through each of them, you'll realize how beneficial they can be to your business.

For example:

  • Cart goal offers free shipping once a specific cart total amount is reached. This encourages buyers to add more items to their carts.
  • Cart countdown timer displays a countdown timer in the cart. It creates a sense of urgency and pushes customers to make a purchase.
  • Page speed booster improves your conversion rate by making your store faster. So customers will no longer leave your site due to a long loading time.
  • Cart upsell adds up-sells and cross-sells directly in your cart. This increases the average order value.
  • Skip cart sends customers directly to the checkout page when the add to cart button is clicked. It helps reduce cart abandonment and boost your conversion rates.

Plus, so much more that I can't even outline everything for you here.

Once you download Debutify, you'll get access to all 54 battle-tested add-ons.

That means you no longer have to pay for expensive third-party add-ons because you'll get them all in one package.

And since these apps come with the theme, you never have to deal with design issues, broken functionality, or a slow-loading site again.

This ultimately improves user experience and boosts conversion rates.

It's our secret sauce that can give you the best possible chance of success.


Use it for 14 days entirely at our risk!


If you're looking for more than just a theme, then Debutify is worth checking out.

It doesn't just optimize the look and feel of your website.

Rather, it is designed to make sure your site is operating at peak efficiency and optimized for conversion.

This theme is so powerful; it can help you go from struggling to thriving in no time.

In fact, we've seen multiple brand owners scale their business to 6, 7, and 8 figures with Debutify.

The best part?

You have the opportunity to try Debutify free for 14 days.

No credit card is required.

Click here for more information about Debutify and how to claim your 14-day free trial.

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