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03 Feb 2023

5 Benefits of Google Web Stories You Need To Know

5 Benefits of Google Web Stories You Need To Know

Who doesn't enjoy watching stories? Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat are some of the social media platforms with interactive stories.

Not to mention that Twitter and LinkedIn also joined the Stories train. This just proves that Stories are one of the most efficient ways to connect with the audience.

But what if I tell you that this type of content isn't limited to social media anymore? Because Google Web Stories is here!

If you have no idea what it is yet, we'll talk about...

  • What are Google Web Stories?
  • 5 Benefits of Google Web Stories

So, let's go and explore Google Web Stories! First, let's discuss...


What are Google Web Stories?

Web Stories are full-screen content for the web. It's similar to social media story formats. And just like social media stories, you can tap or swipe to view them.

These are results on the search engine that are interactive and visually appealing, which are great for the audience because they can engage with your content.

Here's what it looks like when you click on the Stories.

what are google web stories


On Google, you can find Web Stories on Google Search and Discover. You can display these Stories on your website for as long as you like, unlike on social media.

Before we talk about how it works, let's move on to...


What are the benefits of Google Web Stories?

Here are some of the advantages of using Web Stories. First...


1. Trackable results

We know how important data is in every aspect of your business. The good news is... You can track how your Stories are performing.

Web Stories are trackable through Google Analytics. This allows you to see if this strategy is working or not.

You can track these analytics of your Web Stories through Google Analytics:

  • Story Starts is a metric that shows the number of users who began reading your story, as reported in the "Pageviews" section of Google Analytics.
  • Time Spent measures the average amount of time users spend reading your story, which can be used to gauge the level of engagement. This is reported as "Avg. Time on Page" in Google Analytics.
  • Story Pages Viewed measures the number of pages viewed by users in your story, which can provide insight into how far users are getting and where they may be dropping off. This can be found in the "Events Report" as "story_pages_viewed" events in Google Analytics.
  • Story Completions shows the number of users who have finished reading your story by reaching the final page, as reported in "story_completion" events in Google Analytics.

These metrics will be helpful for you. You can see how engaging your Web Stories are, how many users view each page of your Stories, and more.

You can use these metrics as an indicator if your Web Stories strategy is working well. If yes, you can optimize your next ones and gain better results. Another benefit is...


2. Creative freedom

Creating Google Web Stories require creativity to publish the best visually appealing content.

Since Web Stories are yours, you have the creative freedom to design your Stories however you want to.

This is different from using social media stories. Usually, the tools are limited, like the interactive elements, fonts, colors, stickers, etc.

You can create Web Stories from scratch using some tools, such as:

These tools will help you create Google Web Stories that the audience will love and engage with. You can also use these tools to distribute and monetize your Web Stories.

And with the help of these Web Stories creation platforms, you can also...


3. Increase interactions

Your Google Web Story can increase interactions because more people will enjoy interactive content. In fact, 64% of respondents in a study said they prefer stories over the equivalent scrolling article.

That's because Google's Web Stories are interactive. As I mentioned above, you have the creative freedom to design your Stories.

This is good for your business! Another reason why you should try Web Stories is it has...


4. No time limit

Unlike social media platforms, like Instagram stories. Your posts are only allowed for up to 24 hours, although you can display them in your highlights.

But Google Web Stories has no time limit. For example, this story from VICE about The Burger Sisters of Kenya was released in 2020.

vice google story


But until now, this Web Story is still available for viewing. See? You have control over your Web Stories.

But one of the best parts is, you can...


5. Optimize for search engine

Since Google is a search engine, Google Web Stories can increase your visibility through SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Just like Google images. Because when users search for a keyword, they can see your Web Stories under the Stories section or through Google Discover.

So, make sure to optimize your Web Stories by using relevant keywords that your target audience will search and relate to your content!


Ready to create interactive content that stands out online?

You see, Google Web Stories can be an effective way for your brand to increase visibility and connect with your target audience.

These visually rich stories can help you elevate the online presence of your brand. And with the help of the tools I've mentioned, you can create and distribute Stories without coding skills.

So, you should definitely add this powerful tool to your digital marketing channels. Wondering what the others are?

Here are 6 important digital marketing channels you need to know!

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