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19 Oct 2021

5 Epic Product Descriptions Examples That Make The Sale (And How to Actually Write Them!)

5 Epic Product Descriptions Examples That Make The Sale (And How to Actually Write Them!)

Imagine your potential customer is on your product page.

He's about to hit the add to cart button but something in his mind bothered him...

"Is this right for me?"

"Does it really work?"

"Why is it better than Company X's product?"

He's looking for answers yet... he found NOTHING.

That's why he left your store and bought from your competitor instead.

Sounds familiar?

Now, if you haven't realized it yet, but your potential customers have a lot of objections.

And simply showing your product photo and specifications is NOT enough.

That's why having a good product description is necessary to sell your product like Gangbusters.

To begin with, you can never underestimate the power of a good product description.

A product description describes what a product is and why it is worth buying.

You have to tell your customers why they need your product.

Tell them what makes your product special, and answer the question of what’s in it for them...

So that they feel compelled to buy it.

In other words, you should be writing product descriptions for money.

Now, look at the product description of a particular product on your website.

Does it provide your customers with complete product details and other helpful information?

Take this product description example for clothing...

product description example for clothing

All the important product details are there, right?

You see, it takes a little more effort to come up with a well-written product description.

A well-written product description compels your potential customers to buy. It will help them see, assess and make the buying decision easy.

Check this out:

One study conducted by Neilsen Norman Group, found that 20% of purchasing failures may be due to fuzzy product information.

That means Product Descriptions can make or break your online store.

In today's blog post...

I will discuss the importance of a product description and how to write a good one. I will give some epic examples, too.

And let me start by discussing the...

Important Reasons Your Online Business Needs an Epic Product Description

Important Reasons Your Online Business Needs an Epic Product Description

1. It Educates Online Buyers

To educate is to give more product information.

The more information, the better.

Please check our blog on Product Information Management or PIM Systems.

And more chances of winning more customers!

The next reason is important...

2. It Builds Trust

Customers read product descriptions which then build trust.

To build trust is to have clear, honest, and accurate product details.

Trust makes the buying decision easier...

People buy from people they trust.


3. It Makes Shoppers Stay Longer On Your Site

Yes, they want to stay on your site longer when they read an enticing product description.

They want to know more...

And they would want to see your products.

Picture this...

They enjoy browsing all the different products you offer on your store page.

They are hooked on reading the details. All the information is there.

And guess what? Even if they’re not planning to buy anything, they end up adding items to their cart and checking out!

And that’s because product descriptions sell!

So it’s great if you can stir up your customers’ buying emotions...

4. People Buy Emotion

So, write product descriptions that trigger that emotion.

Emotion is what makes the consumer buy one product over another so...

A good product description that appeals to emotion can get the sale!

And don't forget...

5. You Stand Out When You Are Transparent With The Product Details

You make it easy for buyers to become loyal customers when they find you are honest with the product details. You give all the information they need and that makes you stand out!

Simply put, writing a complete, engaging product description sells!

And remember, if you read a product description and you still have a lot of questions, then it didn’t do a great job in presenting the product.

Got it? Take it easy...

Because I’m going to show you...

How to Write Product Descriptions That Sell

How to Write a Product Description That Sells

First things first...

1. Figure out who your target audience is.

Think about who you’re selling your product to.

Who are your customers? What’s your customer persona? What do they need, their interests?

They can be men, women, teens, or kids...

Write descriptions that speak to your specific audience.

If you read the next product description, you can determine immediately who their target customer is - a woman who prioritizes her children, and her family...

Epic Product Descriptions Example #1

Epic Product Descriptions Example #1

A family woman who takes delight in making her home clean and healthy.

So, keep in mind who your readers are. Understand what they need.

Remember, you are writing for them, not for yourself.

What do they want from your store? What do they want to know about your product? What's in it for them?

Put yourself in your customer's shoes.

Make your customers feel that your product description is written for them... because the product is made for them.

Understand who your audience is, and what they want...

This can help you determine the type of words to use in your product description...

To appeal to your target audience and increase conversion.


2. Highlight the Features and Benefits - Don't just sell the product, sell the experience.

Sell the experience your customers can get when they buy your product.

Highlight the features... and why should they care?

Consider this one creative product description example from Nike. Here, you will see Nike's selling point- not just the features, but also the benefits.

Epic Product Description Example #2

Epic Product Description Example #2

Notice how Nike presented the following features with benefits:

  • Product Feature: A wider forefoot
  • Benefit: Gives more space for your toes without sacrificing comfort.
  • Product Feature: Nike React Foam
  • Benefit: It has more foam giving you better cushioning without additional bulk. And the Zoom Air unit at the forefoot delivers more bounce. It's placed closer to your foot to make it more responsive.

This is one good product description example that contains everything you want to know and even more!

Features and benefits, the intended wearer -the runners, the sports buff... all the relevant information you are definitely looking for.

Nike Product Description Example

This image describes how the experience of wearing those Nike shoes will make you feel better. Nice picture painting there!

All these are for a pair of Nike shoes!

Too many product details?

Yes. But is it important? For Nike's customers, indeed it is.

So, is it a good product description? Definitely.

The above product description did a good job of informing their customers what they need to know. No more, no less.

Next point...

3. Your product description should reflect your store's voice.

Develop your own ecommerce business voice. Is it funny? Classy? How do you want to talk to your customers? Get creative. Have a specific language that can resonate with your target audience.

Also, remember to be personable. Make them feel that they are talking to a real person.

Consider how you would speak to your ideal buyer if you were selling your product face to face.

And then try to integrate that language and that voice into your e-store.

This allows conversation with customers more interesting.

Epic Product Description Example #3

Epic Product Description Example #3

Notice how tempting this production description is.

It appeals to the senses.

So, seduce your readers with sensory words that engage the senses...

that they can imagine smelling, touching, feeling, and seeing.

A good product description is simple and written in natural language as if talking to a friend.

Make the tone of your product description exciting.

Your customers can feel the product itself and they can't wait to buy it!

Another thing...

4. Make it easy to read.

In most cases, for busy customers, you’ll want to make the product description scannable and easy to read. Using bullet points will be a big help.

Just look at this epic product description.

Epic Product Description Example #4

Epic Product Description Example #4

There are certain important points highlighted in those bullet points, such as:

  • 100% leather - what's the material?
  • Classic boat shoes - Talking about the versatility of the product.
  • Odor control technology - It's nice to know the unique feature of the product, don't you think so?
  • Soft and supple - for the buyer, it's essential, correct?
  • Long-lasting construction- We're talking about durability here.
  • Slip-resistant bottom - Comfort is key, right?

Take note that some of your customers won't have the luxury of time, so probably, they will opt to skim over the bullet points.

Thus, it's vital to emphasize the salient features of the product in your product description.

Did you know that you can use Debutify's Product Bullet points add-ons to create easy-to-read information about your product? Find more about how you can enable it here.

Another very important point is...

5. Tell a story.

Online shoppers tend to buy more with their hearts, not with their heads, so go tell a story.

Tell a story about the product. Make your customers feel you understand the journey they are going through.

Our last epic example...

Epic Product Description #5

Epic Product Description #5

Below is a good example of how you can connect to your customer's heart. The customer here is a fur parent who wants the best for his/her furbaby.

Make them feel you know what they need.

Empathize with them. Tell them a story.

Talk to them. Let them feel you understand their concern.

Their concern is the health and wellness of their dogs - from puppyhood to adulthood.

And remember, you have what they need!

Now, let me give you this...

BONUS Tip: Optimize Your Product Descriptions for SEO and Proofread your product descriptions.

A product description with optimized SEO attracts organic traffic and can boost your sales.

A good SEO strategy is not about bombarding your product pages with keywords.

It should be strategic.

It should be optimized for search engines.

You can read more about SEO here. You can also learn how to make high-converting product pages.

And last, but not least,

Proofread, proofread, proofread.

It may go unnoticed, but the simplest typo or grammar error on a product page can turn it from enticing to unprofessional.

Read everything again- twice- then ask someone else on your team to look it over as well.

So what are you waiting for?

Start Making Epic Product Descriptions (And Make That Sale!)

Your product description is your last chance to delight your customers.

Make it easy to read, professional and appealing.

There you have it...

  • I discussed the benefits of writing a good product description.
  • I showed some epic examples,

and most importantly,

  • You learned how to write good product descriptions for your online store...

With good product descriptions, you can never go wrong!

It's one thing to attract buyers, but to keep them and increase revenue is another thing. 

Wondering which of these things would you like to practice?

Do all these, and you will surely impress your customers.

After all, that is your ultimate goal.

And in Ecommerce, that's all that really matters ?

Now, you can wow your customers by optimizing your store with Debutify.

So what are you waiting for...

Create an Epic Product Description Using Debutify's Product Bullet Point Add-Ons To Stand Out Among The Rest!

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