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17 Jan 2021

Debunked: Top 15 Dropshipping Myths And Why They Are Not True

Debunked: Top 15 Dropshipping Myths And Why They Are Not True

Dropshipping seems like easy money.

And why not?

There is no inventory, no packaging, no delivery. Anyone can start a dropshipping store without any hassle. 

If you have no idea about dropshipping, it is an order fulfillment method in which a drop shipper does not have to purchase and stock inventory. All they need to do is pass on the order details to the vendor, who then packs and ships the order on behalf of the seller. 

A dropshipping business model is a good option for those already exhausted from their 9 to 5 jobs and want to start their business online. Though the idea of running a business without any cash flow requirements is exciting, you must prepare well before rushing into the world of ecommerce.

When you start researching this concept, you will come across many dropshipping myths that can leave you overwhelmed and confused. Some drop shipping scams even make people discouraged and upset. 

But judging the book by its cover is the biggest mistake budding entrepreneurs make. Remember, everything you hear about dropshipping isn't correct. 

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In this post, we will debunk the top dropshipping myths you believe are true (that are not!). So follow along...

1. You’ll Become Rich Overnight Dropshipping

One of the biggest dropshipping myths is that you get rich overnight when you start dropshipping products. Many YouTubers and influencers also make false promises just to earn affiliate commissions. 

Not getting expected results is one of the biggest reasons why many beginners quit dropshipping. While dropshipping success stories you read online are true, none of those sellers became rich instantly.

Starting and running a dropshipping store is a challenging job. So, get ready to invest your time and energy to get the desired results. 

2. You Have To Register Your Dropshipping Store 

If you’re not starting your dropshipping business, assuming you have to fulfill legal requirements, then we have good news for you. 

Anyone can start a dropshipping store at any time without registering anything. There is no need to get yourself registered as a sole proprietor either. 

Simply, choose your niche, find a supplier, set up a website, and you’re all set to dropship products from your country to all around the world. 

3. Running A Dropshipping Business Is Easier And Cheaper Than Running A Real Store

Generally, people believe that a dropshipping business model is all about creating an attractive website.

But, that’s not correct.

Creating a well-designed website is just one part of the entire process. Online selling is much more than having animated carts and eye-catching product pages. Present-day drop shippers have to work hard to make their stores stand out in the crowd. 

For this, they have to invest their time and resources (money too) to create a mobile-responsive and fast website that can attract sales.

From live chat support to browser compatibility and SEO to content marketing, you have to work on different aspects to set up a dropshipping business that can generate your desired sales and conversions. 

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4. Dropshipping Is For Everyone

Everyone can start a dropshipping store. But you may want to reconsider your approach if you think that everyone achieves the same level of success dropshipping products.

Not all dropshipping stores are created alike. If you carefully go through some of the shared dropshipping success stories online, you’ll come to know that people writing those stories paid more attention to the process rather than the outcomes of their success. 

The idea is to experiment more and more with different techniques and tools. Test different products before you choose a niche for your business. 

Stop obsessing over finances and other resources, as your negative outlook can become the root cause of your failure. 

5. No One Buys From A New Dropshipping Store

One of the most common dropshipping myths is believing that nobody would buy anything from your store because you have just started.

There are many reasons why a customer would buy from your store. Maybe they saw a product in your store and decided to make a purchase, or they might have a friend or a family member who has made a purchase from your dropshipping store earlier and made a recommendation.

Remember, what you sell is more important for the buyers than who’s selling it. 

6. You Need To Have Sufficient Facebook Ads Knowledge To Run A Dropshipping Store

A common dropshipping myth is that you have to be an ad expert to succeed as an online seller. While Facebook ads are an effective way to have real-time exposure, it’s certainly not the only way to make money online.

Especially if you’re on a tight budget, you should look for more affordable ways of promoting your store online. Pinterest, for example, is one of the best mediums where you can market your store. It’s free to use and enables sellers to promote their businesses using custom images.

Similarly, you can use Instagram as a free advertising medium to promote your products using trending hashtags and photos. 

7. Dropshipping Is More Profitable When Done From The US


With drop shipping, you can get your products drop-shipped from any country to any other part of the world.

For instance, if you live in Canada, you can conveniently drop ship your products to Australia. Just ensure you pay more attention to your advertising channels and social media profiles so that customers from other countries can easily find your products. 

8. You Can Attract Sales by Dropshipping Cheap Products

Many dropshipping store owners believe that they can attract more sales by offering low-priced products.

While online selling has become more competitive than ever before, price is certainly not the only factor that can impact your sales. There are so many other things, including user experience (UX), mobile responsiveness, product availability, trust badges, and a simple checkout process without which you’ll struggle to sell your affordable products.

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9. It Takes Months For Buyers To Receive Products

Another popular dropshipping myth is that it takes months for buyers to receive products. Well, we have ordered many things from different dropshipping stores, including AliExpress, and never found a delivery delay except for a day or two (yes, we got an apology SMS for that too).

So, if you think you can start a dropshipping store and delay deliveries, then it’s high time you should streamline your delivery procedures. Customers hate late deliveries, and you may have to pay a hefty cost for this practice if you do not take action now.

10. You Need To Learn Coding Basics To Design And Create A Dropshipping Store

There are plenty of ecommerce platforms available these days you don’t have to write even a single line of code to run a website.

Even a newbie with zero coding knowledge can create and run a store without any difficulty.

11. You Have To Pay Taxes And Duties On Import

Many people do not start the dropshipping store believing that they have to bear import duties and taxes.

But, that’s not correct.

Even your customer isn’t liable for paying duties most of the time because the average threshold in many countries is very high on the principal value of the product.

To be on the safer side, go through the average threshold applicable in different countries to keep your buyers safe from paying heavy import duties.

12. Customer Privacy Isn’t A Big Deal

Many dropshipping stores assume that customer privacy isn’t a big deal. The majority even copy/paste privacy policy from other sources without even going through the content.

Keep in mind that as an online business, it is your foremost duty to protect the personal and financial information of your customers. That is why stores that showcase their SSL certificates are more likely to convert their prospects into regular buyers.

13. Dropshipping Success Stories And Case Studies Are Not True

If you think that every success story or dropshipping case study you see online is fake or fabricated, then you’re creating a bar for yourself. These stories are mostly real, and they can act as a motivational factor for many people who are planning to try their luck in an ecommerce space.

14. SEO Is Outdated

One of the biggest dropshipping myths is that only a well-designed website is enough to attract sales. But as mentioned earlier, creating and running a dropshipping store is a comprehensive process. 

Many drop shippers invest their entire time and resources in creating a good-looking store. But they completely forget to do SEO for their website, assuming that it’s an outdated practice.

SEO is pretty much alive and functional. Failing to optimize your website content for the right keywords and following inappropriate linking practices may result in costly mistakes that can ruin your store’s visibility in front of the SERPs. 

15. You Can Measure Your Success By Calculating The Number Of Followers You Have

While store traffic is crucial for the success of any dropshipping business, your revenue isn’t tracked by the amount of traffic you get on your website.

So, instead of attracting irrelevant traffic, try to implement strategies that can help you get targeted and quality traffic on your site.

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Ricky Hayes

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