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08 May 2020

Debutify Interview Of The Week - Guest : Harry Coleman

Debutify Interview Of The Week - Guest : Harry Coleman

Debutify theme is one of the latest newest themes in the dropshipping business, and the theme has most of the latest features any dropshipper would love to have in their store.

It is an honor to have you here Harry Coleman, we are super excited! We just have a few questions people are itching to ask and appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to help us with this.

Let us get started!

1. Hello Mr. Harry, for those who don't know who you are, would you kindly introduce yourself and what you do, the results you have achieved, and how you have helped people around the world to achieve success?

My name is Harry Coleman aka The Beast of Ecom. I went from getting fired from my 9-5 job to generating over 8-figures with dropshipping and ecommerce stores in 3 years.

As well as currently running stores, I have a YouTube channel that has over 50K subscribers where I drop weekly free videos to help others start, build & grow their ecommerce business.

2. When did you realize drop shipping could work for you? (What's your dropshipping journey)?

I came across dropshipping while browsing a forum called black hat forum. I used to browse that forum because it was all about different ways to make money online.

Some guy made a thread on there explaining how he was making $10K a month selling free products using Shopify, Aliexpress & Facebook ads, back then people were doing a method called free + shipping.

I read it top to bottom and decided I wanted to give it a go.

Total sales

After my first store failed, I built another one and started to get some initial success. I suppose I realize that I could do this full time once I started making $100 a day consistently.

Things got more real once I started making $1000+ a day, I was making more in a month than a lot of people were making in a year. That’s when I realized the power of making money online.

3. Most drop shipping gurus out there make newbies feel drop shipping is an overnight success, what's your take on this?

I say this over & over again, if you think your first product, store or adverts will make you rich then guess again. Unfortunately, nothing is easy in life regardless of the business you start.

Yes the barriers to entry into dropshipping are incredibly easy meaning it’s great for beginners but to be brutally honest you still need to put in the work and fail multiple times before you have success.

I understand that as humans it’s easy to get sucked into a new opportunity and dream about getting rich quickly, but the sooner you manage your expectations to be more realistic, the better.

4. Was there a time in life that you nearly drop the dropshipping idea and decided to pursue a different venture?

After my first store failed I did consider quitting. But I had already made one sale, it wasn’t profitable as I had spent a lot of money to get that first sale but I realized that the concept worked, I just had to improve.

After failing I spent more time learning. I joined loads of Facebook groups, asked questions, networked, and did whatever I could to improve my knowledge.

I saw screenshots of others getting great results so I knew it could be done, I just had to push forward.

5. Talking of giving up on drop shipping, what were some of the failures you encountered?

There have been loads of failures in my journey. I’ve already mentioned that my first store didn’t work out.

But even after that, I’ve had products fail, new stores fail, and much more. Failure comes with being an entrepreneur, I just make sure that I learn from it and go again.

My successes outweigh my failures by miles and like I always say, no one will remember you for your failures, they will remember you for your wins and legacy.

6. What are some of the myths about dropshipping you had to beat to be where you are today?

How did you find your first Dropshipping niche? Did it fail or worked out? Well, a blatant myth is that it’s ‘easy’.

Nothing in business is easy, especially if you want to get to the top and have success. However with that being said, you scale an offer in a matter of weeks if everything clicks, but the chances of that happening on your first handful of products are very slim.

My first niche was women's nail products, the whole store was built around it. I spent around $800 and made one sale! It failed and I shut it down.

I then came across the general store model in late 2016 and started one of those. I got my first success in the pets niche, that’s where I found my initial success.

Total sales

7. What would be your advice to most beginners getting into dropshipping? I love this question.

Firstly, you need to manage your expectations, understand that you will fail before you succeed. Fall in love with the process, I love building stores, getting creative.

Secondly, you need to select just 1-3 experts in the ecommerce industry who you like and follow all of their videos/teachings.

There are too many ‘gurus’ methods and strategies out there and you will end up getting analysis paralysis if you try to cover everything. Thirdly, you need to stay in your lane.

Don’t worry about what everyone is doing, or how much they are making. This is a numbers game, and people love to flaunt screenshots that will either inspire you or discourage you.

If they inspire you, then great, however, if they make you doubt yourself or your ability, just block it and focus on crushing your goals. Fourth, you need to take action.

Some people will sit in FB groups all day, attend webinar training, even purchase a course yet never get round to putting an advert live.

Remember, in order to learn to swim you need to GET INTO THE WATER. Success is small goals accomplished over time so just keep taking action even if it’s small tasks such as registering a domain.

8. How do you find winning products?

Facebook feed, Adspy, E-sniper, Ecomhunt

9. How do you market your products to get sales?

I generally like to find and test products that I can evoke some emotion into the ad copy or product description.

People don’t go to Facebook to buy products so we are doing interruption marketing to break the reader's attention, hook them, and sell them on the emotion and logic of buying the product.

For example, if you are selling a baby product to parents you can play on the emotion of how the product will make the baby feel happy, joyful, provoke laughter. This works because parents are passionate about seeing their children happy.

10. Anything else you would like to say to people to help them in their journey?

Yeah… NEVER QUIT You can reach me through:

Facebook (,

Youtube (,

or through my website (

Ricky Hayes

Ricky Hayes

Ricky Hayes is the CEO at Debutify. He is a passionate entrepreneur running multiple businesses, marketing agencies, and mentoring programs.

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