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14 Feb 2022

Discover These 15 Striking Social Proof Examples To Generate More Sales In 2022

Discover These 15 Striking Social Proof Examples To Generate More Sales In 2022

Imagine this...

You just sat down at an Italian restaurant for dinner. As you decide what to order, you look around the other tables.

You notice that the majority of diners are eating Margherita pizza. It looks scrumptious.

So, you ordered one for yourself. A lot of people seem to like it. And it was delicious!

Diners Eating Margherita pizza

That is social proof at work.

Social proof is a psychological and social phenomenon where people make decisions based on what other people are doing. In a nutshell, it's trying to do the correct behavior to get others' stamp of approval.

And as you can imagine, it's a powerful tool to integrate into your marketing. Consumers trust other people's recommendations than a brand's direct marketing.

So in today's blog post, you will learn the different types of social proof you can use. And solid social proof examples to inspire you on your brand's marketing.

Before we dive in, let's go over...


What Are The Benefits Of Social Proof?

What Are The Benefits Of Social Proof?

When you leverage social proof for your marketing, you can reap a lot of benefits. That's from increasing your customer's trust to boosting your conversion rate.

There are several types of social proof. And to show you how powerful they can be, check out these key statistics:

  • Customers spend 31% more on businesses with "excellent reviews".
  • If a local business has at least a 4-star rating, 92% of customers will use it.
  • A one-star increase on Yelp can increase revenue by 5 to 9%. One negative review can make you lose 30 customers.
  • Sales pages with testimonials can increase conversions by as much as 34%.
  • User-generated content heavily influences consumers' purchasing decisions, according to 79% of people.
  • The ROI from influencer marketing is equal or better than other marketing ways, says 89% of marketers.

Don't these numbers sound promising?

So, focusing on your customers in your marketing strategy is the best way to make more sales. And providing value through social proof is the way to make it work.

Let's now go to...


What Are The Types Of Social Proof?

There are different ways you can manifest social proof in your business. Take a look at the 5 types of social proof you can use.

  • User reviews and testimonials
  • Experts' seal of approval
  • Celebrity endorsement
  • Wisdom of the crowd
  • Friends' referral

So which social proof fits your business the best? Let's go over each one so you can decide the best choice for your marketing. And, of course, social proof examples!


Striking Social Proof Examples To Inspire You In 2022

The most common social proof is...


✅ User Reviews And Testimonials

User Reviews And Testimonials

Before I buy something, I make sure I read at least 10 online reviews. And I'm not the only one. Did you know that 9 out of 10 consumers read reviews before buying products?

This social proof includes reviews on your online store site, review sites, case studies, and any customer feedback. User-generated content also counts as user reviews.

And the more positive reviews you have, the more your potential customers trust your brand.

So, how do you utilize this opportunity?


❓How To Use User Reviews And Testimonials Social Proof

The first thing you need to do is sign up for Google My Business and other review sites. And don't forget the ones specializing in your niche. For example, retail brands can sign up on Yelp.

After signing up, make sure to bring your social proof app some attention from your customers. Post in on your social media channels like your Instagram account, ecommerce site, and emails. You can also include it on your product pages.

And don't hesitate to reach out to your repeat customers! They can give you a boost with their positive reviews and testimonials.

A single review can help a lot!

Plus, don't let negative reviews let you down. Take their feedback into account. Don't forget to respond to their concerns. People tend to increase their ratings when you reply.

To show you how to do it, here are some examples you need to see.


1. Debutify


The first thing you see when you visit Debutify is the superb star ratings it receives.

Not only that, but it also features testimonials from satisfied brand owners.

Testimonials From Satisfied Brand Owners

Just like Debutify, get those little stars to shine on your home page. And include the love you receive from your customer testimonials.

Up next is...


2. Apple's iPhone

You're probably familiar with Apple's successful user-generated content campaign. It's called #ShotoniPhone.

Apple's iPhone

Apple encourages its customers to share the photos they took with iPhones. They use the Instagram hashtag and bam! Apple generates social media marketing with its customers in mind.

They display user-generated content on most of their social media accounts. And their social proof works very well... #shotoniphone has over 20 million tags on Instagram.

Another brand that uses social proof well is...


3. Sephora

Check out Sephora's product pages. On each product, customers can leave a review. They can also include photos and a star rating.

More than that, other customers can also rate the reviews. That's one of the best social proof examples you can have.


Let's move on to the next form of social proof you can use...

✅ Expert's Seal Of Approval

Expert's Seal Of Approval

Are you not familiar with a particular product? That's where the expert's stamp of approval comes in.

Online shoppers trust experts for a reason. They are people with authority or leaders in your niche.

❓How To Use Expert's Seal Of Approval

You can obtain this form of social proof when an industrial expert recommends your brand.

So, what form does it come in? Experts can recommend your brand in a lot of ways.

Creating social proof comes through blog posts, case studies, posts in any social media channels, and any promotion in media outlets.

You can also get endorsements from experts through a partnership. Establish who are the experts in your niche. Also, look into how their recommendations can help you.

Here are how some brands show off this social proof...


4. Manuka Doctor

Manuka Doctor has the New Zealand Government's approval. And that is solid social proof. After all, it takes time and research for such an authority to give their certification.

It shows that the brand is trustworthy and its claims are proven.

Manuka Doctor

A popular social proof example is...


5. Sensodyne

Did you know that popular toothpaste brands use a similar basic formula?

So, how does a brand stand out in an industry where its products are identical?

The expert social proof helps a lot. Take a look at Sensodyne's marketing slogan. It's the first thing that website visitors see.

You can click on the "Learn More" button to know what supports their claims. That lets their customers go further in their sales funnel.

That's right... They use expert social proof to increase sales.

Another brand that uses its social proof well is...


6. Trilogy

Who wouldn't be proud of industry awards? Trilogy shows off its social proof in each product they have. For example, their InStyle award is adequately shown on their rosehip oil.

The well-known women's magazine's approval is a huge confidence booster. Especially when you are not that familiar with the brand.


Of course, we can't leave out the next one when it comes to social proof...


✅ Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrity Endorsement

When you're a huge fan of a celebrity, you usually lookout for what they do. What kind of clothes are they into? Do they like coffee or tea?

And that's how celebrity social proof works. You want to have what they have.

This form of social proof is one of the most powerful social proof you can use. Brand endorsement from celebrities can dramatically boost your conversion rate.

Here's how you can take advantage of it.


❓How To Use Celebrity Endorsement

Brands typically pay for celebrity endorsements. And it's sometimes hard to partner with a celebrity... Except you're a large corporation.

But you don't have to limit yourself when looking for an endorsement.

First, you can look out for organic celebrity recommendations. You can communicate your gratitude to them and use their endorsement in your marketing.

Plus, you can also make use of influencer marketing. Micro-influencers are the rage these days. You can widen your reach with their social media followers.

Let's take a look at celebrity social proof examples...


7. BTS x McDonald's

The collab between McDonald's and the K-pop band BTS has its own brand design. The meal includes 10 Piece Chicken McNuggets, sauces picked by BTS, fries, and a drink.

BTS x McDonald's

The BTS meal is one of McDonald's bestsellers... It took its fans into a frenzy and even sold out. Moreover, the hashtag #BTS has over 100k photos on Instagram. That's a lot of chicken nuggets!

Another social proof example that can get you more customers is...


8. HelloFresh

HelloFresh is known for partnering with thousands of influencers. They send out their meal boxes and let the influencers cook them on their own. The influencers share sponsored posts. They have discount codes for each influencer they work with.


And the influencers are not from the same niche, either. So with different audiences, the wider the net they cast. You can do the same to add more to your existing customers.

Speaking of influencers and social proof...


9. Megan Fox For Skims

Do you know what's on trend these days? Loungewear. In fact, it's forecast to grow by $19.5 billion in the span of 2020-2024.

Another trending influencer is Megan Fox. You see her all over social media. And together, they make a great marketing campaign.

Megan Fox For Skims

Megan Fox has over 18 million followers on Instagram. And also thrives on other social media platforms! Even a portion of that brings Skims more visitors, more reviews, and drives sales.

The next social proof is one to watch out for...

✅"Wisdom Of The Crowd" Social Proof

Have you ever heard of the psychological phenomenon of Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)?

It's coined from social media. It's the feeling of anxiety that you are missing out on information or experiences. Humans are social creatures, after all.

That's where this type of social proof gets its appeal from.

A customer sees a large group of other users buying from your brand. So, they want to follow suit because they don't want to miss out.

Here's how you can use it.

❓How To Use "Wisdom Of The Crowd"

In order for your customers to "join the crowd", it depends on how popular your product or service is. You would need to have a product with excellent reviews to begin with.

So, make your bestseller products the main feature of your homepage. Your visitors can add customer reviews for your business. That way, you just used the "wisdom of the crowd" social proof in the best light.

Here are examples of social proof you need to see...


10. Pura Vida

Pura Vida has a dedicated page just for their bestselling bracelets. They create urgency for new customers when they can't decide what to buy.

Furthermore, they also have a page where you can buy the products trending on TikTok.

Pura Vida

I'm sure you know the next brand using social proof...


11. Netflix

It's Saturday night. It's your downtime to watch some Netflix and down several glasses of wine.

Since you want to know what's trending, you check out the "Popular on Netflix" tab.


And that's how Netflix uses this type of social proof. Instead of searching around, their users can binge-watch what's popular. That's also a great way to retain customers!

Next on the list is...


12. Flourist

Flourist also makes use of a bestseller page to boost its conversion rate. They curated a collection of their bestselling products for new visitors.


Now don't miss out on the last type of social proof you can leverage...

✅ Friends Referral

Friends Referral

Yes, seeing a lot of people buy a product is very influential. But you know what's more influential than that? Friends and family's recommendations.

This type of social proof carries more weight than any other example of social proof. Yes, that includes reviews, case studies, and any social proof app.

Why? Because you trust your friends and family more than any brand's marketing. This means you'll take their opinions on products matter more.

So, how do you leverage this valuable information?

❓How To Use Friends Referral Social Proof

In order for your customers to refer to your brand, you're gonna need a referral program.

It makes it easier for your customers to refer your brand to their friends. Additionally, you can also keep track of the referrals.

So, share your referral program on your social media platforms. It's simpler for your followers to share it with their own followers.

And don't forget to make your referral codes unique. They'll be more encouraged to share when you do.

Let me give you some examples of social proof from real customers...


13. Uber

Uber loves referral programs. Riders can earn free rides every time their friend uses their personalized code. And their friend gets a free ride, too!


This social proof also works on...


14. Hulu

Hulu uses this type of social proof pretty well. Their members can invite their friends to subscribe. In turn, they can have 30 days free subscription themselves.

Wouldn't that convince them to click that "Continue" button immediately?



The last social proof example is...


15. A Box Of Stories

A Box Of Stories is a subscription box service for books. And their word-of-mouth marketing is pretty powerful.

Both the subscriber and their friend can get $4 off their purchase. That's an impressive way of getting more customers than simply begging.

A Box Of Stories

And that's how you successfully leverage social proof!

So, what are you waiting for?


Start Using Social Proof Today!

Now you learned a lot of things about social proof... Such as its important factors in how you can use it to increase your conversion rate.

So, start working on getting more reviews for your brand. Answer the reviews you already have. Focus on your social media and engage with your customers. Use Debutify Reviews, the best social proof app out there.


Display Social Proof Using Debutify Reviews Today!

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