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07 Jun 2021

Eight Effective Thank You Page Examples & Ideas To Keep Visitors Engaged

Eight Effective Thank You Page Examples & Ideas To Keep Visitors Engaged

Your conversion funnel comprises different stages that nudge customers toward completing a sale.

Thank you page is one of the most critical yet often overlooked steps of your sales funnel that provides your business with an opportunity to engage with your buyers once they have completed a transaction on your website.

Just because a buyer has completed one transaction on your site doesn't mean your interaction with them has to end.

Maybe they want to explore other product categories on your site related to their previous purchase. What if they're looking to become part of your email list so they can receive regular updates about the content you publish in your blog section?

In a nutshell, a thank you page is more than an opportunity to showcase acknowledgment and appreciation towards your customers for taking your desired action.

Done right, a thoughtfully designed thank you page can drive repeat conversions for your business.

In this post, we're going to highlight this crucial aspect of your conversion funnel - thank you pages. We're also going to talk about the best thank you page templates to boost your visitor experience and keep them engaged.

What Is A Thank You, Page?

A thank you page does what exactly its name implies - to thank people for believing in your brand and making a purchase.

There are several reasons you can use a thank you page as a follow-up tactic to connect with your audience and boost visitor experience.

For instance, you can create a thank you page to:

  • thank customers for joining your newsletter/email list
  • thank customers for downloading an ebook
  • thank customers for donating to your charity and so on

Why Are 'Thank You' Pages Important?

We, as kids, have always been told to say thank you in return for a favor. However, thanks from an online business to buyers is more than just a simple thank you.

It is an effective marketing tactic that boosts visitors' experience and encourages them to keep coming back for more.

Here are some benefits of using post-purchase thank-you templates to engage with your customers.

Provides An Overview Of The Order

A thank you page usually includes the order details of the products customers have purchased recently.

This enables customers to view an overview of the product type, quantity, and price. Delivery information and payment methods are also often included. Displaying this information will keep your customers updated with their order details.

Support Subscription Invitation

The more customers you have in your email/newsletter list, the better. While most of the time, customers join those lists at checkout, they can also become part of them through your thank you page and provide relevant information.

There is nothing more valuable for an ecommerce store than customer data. You can use that information to maintain engagement with your returning buyers by sending event updates, promotional offers, and other critical and updated news.

Proves You Care For Your Customers

Thank you page on your site represents the professional image of your business. It shows you truly care about your buyers and are willing to go the extra mile to make them happy.

As a result, your customers become your brand advocates and spread the positive word about your business within their social circles and family.

Promotes Cross-Selling

Constantly encouraging your customers to invest in your products and services can go a long way. A thank you page is the best place where you can promote such offers.

An obvious benefit of suggesting cross-related products is it increases your AOV and results in customer satisfaction and higher customer retention rates.

Increases AOV

Your AOV increases when you're able to convince your customers to invest in your other related or high-ticket products. This significantly reduces your customer acquisition costs by allowing you to earn more from your current orders.

Essentials Of A Standard Thank You Page

By definition, a standard thank you page must contain a thank you note. It is a tool that allows you to show your gratitude and appreciation towards your customers who have invested their hard-earned money and time into buying or understanding your products.

But the fact is people viewing your thank you page are perfect people to sell to.

These visitors have already spent their time on your site, showed interest in your offers, and stayed loyal to your brand down the funnel.

While you can include many things in your thank you page, a standard thank you page template should contain 3-essentials.

1. A Confirmation Message

A confirmation message is an integral element of your thank you page that helps customers know that their action was successful.

If they have purchased something from your store, downloaded an ebook, or joined your email list, a confirmation message will guarantee that whatever they wanted to do was accomplished or not. 

You don't have to go overboard with words. A simple text thank you message saying 'Your order is complete' or 'Thank you for becoming part of our email list' will do just fine.

2. Instructions On What To Do Next

The third most critical element on your website is a section containing specific instructions on how your customers can move to the next step.

For instance, if you have included a CTA that asks your customers to create an account on your website, you can embed a video explaining how to do it right.

Similarly, if you have a CTA asking your customers to register for an upcoming webinar, you can include a link-based CTA for online registration.

3. CTA

Did you know what sets the winning thank you page apart from the ordinary one? The former always includes an action-driven CTA.

Take your thank you page to the next level by adding a clear CTA once you have conveyed a confirmation message to your customers.

An action-driven CTA will help your customers to move to the next step of your conversion funnel.

Thank You Page CTA Examples

  • ‘Register for an Upcoming Webinar’
  • Purchase a Related Product’
  • ‘Fill Out a Survey Form’
  • ‘Create an Account on your Website’

Eight Effective Thank You Page Examples And Ideas To Keep Visitors Engaged

1. Ask For Referrals

There is nothing more challenging for an online business than acquiring new customers.

With hundreds of businesses working in the same niche as yours, it becomes tedious for ecommerce store owners to convince people to trust their brand.

That is where your existing customers step in.

Referrals given by your happy customers can do wonders for your brand. According to an Ogilvy survey, more than 74% of people consider referrals/word-of-mouth marketing as key influencers in their buying decisions.

That's perhaps the biggest reason why brands ask their customers to spread the word about their products and services.

Having a message as simple as 'Invite a friend to join the course!' will increase your odds of having a new customer on board who can also contribute to the process of acquiring new prospects.

2. Conduct A Survey

No matter how hard you try, there's still something that needs improvement in your ecommerce store.

Being an owner, spotting those flaws could be challenging for you.

Now, who can point out those flaws for you? Your Customers. Unlike your friends and family, your customers are unbiased individuals who are only looking to have a seamless shopping experience with your website.

Using your thank you page to conduct a survey will help you inquire your buyers about their overall shopping experience. It also provides you with an opportunity to ask your customers about what they want to buy in the future.

Since you can't ask plenty of questions on your thank you page, you can either choose one or two most important questions or embed a survey form link on the page to direct your buyers to the main page.

3. Add Social Follow/Sharing Buttons

Picture that: You just bought your favorite necklace from a renowned diamond retailer. What would be the first thing you want to do? Share the news with your loved ones, right?

Online shopping works the same. Customers want to brag about the products they just purchased from an online store.

Sure, you can't get a product immediately after purchasing it. But you can still show it off through social media.

Sharing social media followers or sharing buttons on your thank you page will provide your customers with an opportunity to share the good news with their well-wishers.

4. Cross-Sell Your Products And Services

Many marketers believe that checkout pages are the perfect spot for cross-selling relevant items. But you can achieve better results when you market them through your thank you page.

How? Let us explain. 

When a customer views a thank you page, they are in their prime stage. It's a perfect time for you to influence them to make a purchase and convert again.

You can even lure them with a time-sensitive deal they can redeem within, say, 24 hours of their purchase.

5. Ask For Feedback

A thank you page provides businesses with an opportunity to collect feedback from their customers about their shopping experience.

Because they have already experienced a buying journey with your brand, they can better tell you about the areas you must focus on.

Simply ask them to share their opinion or rate their experience on a scale of 1-10 to help your brand improve.

Not only does it help your business improve, but your customers will also get to know their opinions matter.

6. Offer Visitors A Discount Code

Another proven way to boost visitor experience on your site is by offering your customers a discount code or voucher - something they can redeem on their next purchase.

Now, take this step further and combine this strategy with your cross-selling tactics. Offer a customer a deal on matching accessories when they purchase a dress from your store.

7. Offer Relevant Content

Another effective thank-you page idea to keep visitors engaged is by adding relevant content recommendations on the page.

After a customer creates an account on your site or opt-in to your email list, you can display recommendations regarding blog posts or tutorials related to their purchase.

You can even offer a discount on the download of your ebook or other paid content material.

8. Ask Visitors To Make An Account

Asking your customers to create an account on your site is one of the biggest cart abandonment reasons ecommerce stores face regularly. That's because customers do not admire any hurdle when they're just about to complete the check-out process.

But that doesn't mean you don't ask them to be part of your registered user list.

Once your customer has made a purchase and is happy with their shopping experience, there is every possibility that they will spare a few extra minutes and create an account on your site.

Also, it seems less pushy. You can also incentivize this deal by offering your buyers a discount on their next order or a free downloadable link to any of your content sources if they get registered with your site.

Do’s And Dont’s Of An Engagement-Driven Thank You Page


  • use power words
  • place CTAs above the fold
  • add human touch
  • push repeat purchases by displaying your ongoing offers


  • make false promises
  • overwhelm readers with plenty of content
  • fail with your page design

A thank you page is an essential element of your conversion funnel. Just like the first impression matters for your business, the last impression can also make or break a deal for you.

The key here is to keep your thank you page simple and concise. There are already many thank you page templates available over the web. You can either take a hint from those pages or create your page from scratch to inspire your customers.

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